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Hands Up! Celebrates 25,000 Fans with 25,000 High 5’s!

posted by Evelina

Hands will be raised as celebrates a social media milestone this week, and maybe breaking a world record! As they approach 25,000 Facebook fans, fun auction mascot Mr MadBid, is hitting the streets of London to give out 25,000 high fives and raise money for the Children’s Trust charity. the fun way to get a bargain online– has all the latest gadgets including iPads and even cars at 80% off RRP. With 1.6 million registered users and 1.4 million monthly unique visitors to the website it’s no surprise has an active Facebook fan following. Once a fan of the Facebook page, users get access to exclusive competitions, specials, games, polls, and auction updates. MD Juha Koski says: “Our goal is to be accommodating and transparent to our customers, and the Facebook fan page is one of the ways interacts with customers to get their feedback and suggestions. We are constantly changing and improving to better serve our customers and user input from the fan page is often considered when we create new policies and promotions.”

The current world record for most high fives in 24 hours is held by Blake Rodgers from Rhode Island, USA who high-fived 3,131 people at a Dunkin Donuts in September 2008. Mr MadBid will be traveling around London all day on Thursday 30th June to get as many high fives as possible trying to reach our target of 25,000. His itinerary for the day includes Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, The London Eye, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus.

Sarah Wilson, senior corporate fundraiser from The Children’s Trust said “We are overjoyed at the support has given us over the past 3 years. The team always come up with crazy ideas to engage with the public and raise money for us. The children in our care face complex challenges everyday so we love the idea of being part of a world record challenge too!”

To celebrate 25,000 Facebook fans Mr MadBid will be giving out more than just high fives. Meet up with him and you may get some free credits or even a t-shirt!

Check the Facebook page to follow Mr Madbid on his tour of London 30 June or become a fan and look out for special deals exclusive to Facebook fans.


Facebook’s Musical Quest

posted by Evelina

As if Facebook couldn’t be more renowned for its attempt to connect people across the globe, Mark Zuckerberg’s 2004 social networking phenomenon is now about to embark on its latest adventure, which if successful, reckons will revolutionise the social aspect of music sharing.

With the uprising of technology has come a huge surge in music sharing and downloading over the internet. Just look at Napster or Spotify, the biggest pioneers of music streaming.  In a similar way, it appears that Facebook’s newest project is being launched in partnership with, the former, Spotify – one of the more notorious names in the online music business industry.

The new feature aims to provide a music dashboard or platform that lets you stream music, see what your friends are listening to and share your favourite tracks. When you log into your account, the music dashboard will display as an official bookmark on the site’s homepage as well as a separate tab on your profile, in which you can access and control the music you want to hear.

The music dashboard will not be tied to Spotify exclusively though, Facebook is looking to incorporate many more music streaming websites, which the music lovers among you may already be familiar with, such as: Pandora, Mog, Rdio,, and Grooveshark amongst others. In Facebook’s attempt to create a similar service with similar functionality, the result may be a giant music library, which anyone and everyone can subscribe to.

Here’s a look at just a few of the features that will be included:

  1. Music Notifications
  2. Recommended Songs
  3. Top Songs
  4. Top Albums
  5. Recent listens

This move will ensure that we are better connected than ever: now you will be able to see just what your friends are listening to and even light-heartedly mock them when you see them playing that Boyzone album they said they had thrown out years ago! In addition to this, Facebook’s music dashboard will help you to discover more genres and artists, making the world of music even more social and accessible than it is already.

Techno giant Apple might have brought the social to the music, but now the tables have turned and Facebook is bringing music to the social; a long-time dream its founders have sought to implement into its service. The result is a collaboration of two powerful social forces, both of which bring people together, making the world a more connected place. Keep your eyes and ears open for the potential release date of the music dashboard, which is to be announced after Facebook’s F8 conference in August.

Until then, you can visit for its range of Facebook and Apple friendly products, including our latest instalment, the New Apple TV which lets you stream photos and music from your PC as you please. Alternatively, there is our great range of stereo systems such as the new Samsung Home Theatre System so you can blast your music to the max!


Is MadBid a scam? Ask new Mini One Winner David from Essex

posted by Evelina

It’s not every day you can get a brand new Mini One for almost 90% off the RRP, but it happens more often than you might expect on

On the way home from cricket training with his family, David from Essex noticed the Mini auction had ended. He couldn’t remember if he had left his auto bid on or not while he was out and just figured he had lost the auction.

When he later got home and found out he was the winner of a brand new Mini One for just £1,478.94, he ran straight to his wife to tell her the news. He had been bidding in secret, and as it turns out David doesn’t even have a licence! David calmly told his wife that he had won a Mini for her, and she took it as a joke. Unaware that her husband had been bidding in the auction, and having seen a Mini on the street earlier that day she’d commented “I would like that” in jest to her husband, she thought he was joking with her.

But it was no joke. After one year of participating in auctions on David can boast a few past wins, but even he was in shock over winning a new car. His bidding strategy for the auction was quite simple. After watching the auction for a while he thought he didn’t have a chance against some strong competitors, but then as he kept watching, he noticed some of the big bidders begin to withdraw and that’s when he stepped in and activated his auto bid.

David makes it look easy, but there is a lot of strategy that goes in to winning an auction. What advice does David have for new bidders? “Start out on the smaller auctions to build your confidence, and spend some time to learn the dynamics of the site and the strategies of your fellow bidders” said David.

David shows we are so MAD at that you don’t even need a licence to win a car! The brand new red Mini One David and his wife drove away in this month, is one of the 11 cars we have auctioned on the site since 2008. Cars are just one of the amazing prizes our users are winning. Click here to get amazing savings on all the latest gadgets including laptops, phones, camera, appliances, and even hard cash!

Video coming soon…


What are people winning on

posted by Evelina

What are other MadBidders winning on the site? We asked our users and this is what they had to say:

I won an Ipod Shuffle 2GB on 26/05/11. I won it for 64p, and I like the size of it; it’s very discreet. The sound is very clear through the earphones, it holds quite a lot of music, and it’s very easy to use.

I won a Sony PS3 for a total price of £18.43. What I like about the product is it’s a dvd/blu-ray player and upscales dvd’s to full hd quality. I was looking to buy a blu-ray player. So why not buy one that can also play games, browse the web, watch and record tv (with ps3’s add on play tv) It’s a great piece of equipment which can do so many things.

I won a Bijan Women Gift Set for 0.41p on and its retail value is £42.

I won a copy of Smackdown vs Raw 2011 for PS3 just for 25p. The thing I love most about it is that the game brings back childhood memories of watching wrestling late at night
– bigmacman

Hi Madbid!
On my first go at bidding I won a Restaurant Discount Card for £0.02!! I thought this would be useful as I am due to go on holiday in the UK shortly.

I won George Foreman Grill & Melt (£5.04), Restaurant Discount Card (£4.51) and 75 credits (£0.50). I think all the products on Madbid are very cheap and it was worth trying it.

Hi Madbid Team, I won a Morphy Richards Kettle for 90p and although I have not yet received it I am still excited about receiving my quality product at a quality price. Cheers!

I love Madbid because although you have to pay money for credits you can win a lot more, if you’re lucky, I had won £10, £25 and a restaurant card and the maximum amount of money I spent on was £20 so I would say to everyone that asks “is Madbid good…… have you tried it?” that it is a very good website and that if you are worried about losing your money, if you’re new, you get your money back on your first time buying credits.
– Fabtaste

On my first visit to the site I won 100 credits and have already used these to launch into my online entertainment!

I won £10.00 cash for only £0.01. I like the product because I made £9.99 profit!


Gaming comes to life with PSVita!

posted by Evelina

Sony is bringing gaming to life in their new portable gaming device the PSVita. PSVita is set to launch at the end of 2011 for £249 WiFi and £299 3G. are delighted to see several new built in features include front and rear camera, a microphone, front multi-touch screen and a rear multi-touch pad, motion sensors, a high definition 5 inch OLED display, and GPS location software.

The new features of the PSVita will bring handheld gaming to a new level with Augmented Reality (AR) Technology.  Players will be able to interact like never before with new applications like “Near”, “Party”, and “Welcome Park”.

“Near” takes the PSVita ups social connectivity by allowing users to see what games others are playing nearby and gift virtual game related items through location-based gaming. By checking in at geographic locations players can share virtual content like character costumes, weapons, and treasures.

“Party” is an application available on the PSVita that allows users to text chat or voice chat not only while gaming online, but also while connected to the internet at any time. The PSVita will come in two models one with WiFi connectivity and a more expensive 3G model, which will be connected to the internet 24/7.

“Welcome Park” is a PSVita app designed to help players learn the new 3-dimension-like finger motions available on the device such as touch, grab, trace, push, and pull. With a touch screen on the front, a sensor pad on the back, dual analog sticks, and built in motion sensor, gyroscope, and accelerometer capabilities, the new PSVita brings hand held gaming to a new level of reality.

One of the most exciting features of the PSVita is its full backwards compatibility with all PlayStation Portable games. Check out the official video trailer from the E3 conference above to see some of the games that will be enhanced on the new device.

We at are excited about the launch of the PSVita and you can bet we will be one of the first to offer the product on our site when it comes out just in time for Xmas. Can’t wait till Christmas to get your gaming on? Check out some MAD deals on our site for gaming consoles like the Sony PS3 320GB that went for £5.82 or the Nintendo 3DS Console for just £1.17!


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