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A £30,000 BMW Z4 closes in a MadBid auction for £4,730

posted by Evelina

Last week travelled to Germany to visit one student who started his studies in style. The 22 year old won’s biggest auction yet, a choice of a £30,000 luxury car. The car he went for was a beautiful BMW Z4, not bad for a first time car owner. When meeting the young winner MadBid wanted to know how it felt seeing the auction close at £4,730 and his name appear on the closed auction page ‘I could not believe I won the car, now that I see it I still cannot believe I won it, I have never had a car’. Waldemar explained how shopping will never be the same ‘I won a camera, iPhone a laptop and more… I found MadBid just by searching online for some cheap products, after winning all of this I would definitely recommend it’. Watch out for the handover video of the winner’s interview coming out next week. If you want to win a car, our Dream Come True Auction is still Live!



Move your face on Facebook!

posted by Evelina

Social networks are changing, what used to be a fun past time has now become a popular channel of communication and with increased bandwidth video offerings are becoming key. Facebook have teamed up with Skype and will soon have an icon that would allow users to have group video or a private video conversation all for free.  With 750 million viewers this is a great platform to integrate into the social mix. The company is also changing the layout of their chat system so that users can decide the amount of people they want on chat so potentially the whole family could get involved from around the globe – or maybe all our customers at

The extension of the communication channels have not gone unnoticed as Google has introduced their own social networking platform +circle project – with a video chat feature called ‘Hangout’ which has caused some controversy between the internet giants. With these extra add-ons’s popular auction product the new Dell Inspiron Duo Touchscreen would complement any social network user.

The new Dell Inspiron Duo Touchscreen can be used as a laptop or a notepad, both with a keyboard and touchscreen functions making it ideal for users on the go or in the comfort of their home.  The last time we auctioned the Dell Inspiron Duo Touchscreen the ending price was an amazing bargain at £6.37! Allow yourself to enjoy Facebook’s free video chat service with this sought after stylish gadget. The notebook has been reviewed by Amazon users as ‘Innovative and well-made’ The auction will start 3pm on 22nd of July the RRP price is £449 but only the bids on the timer will show the end price. The Stuff have stated that it ‘has a “whoa” factor to it when you see it swivel’ so team it up with Facebook’s or Google’s new Video options and put it in action!

Click here for a little sneak peek of this new function:



Apple’s got their head in the clouds!

posted by Evelina

This week at the Apple World Wide Developers Conference a new cloud based storage service was revealed: iCloud. Apple’s iCloud is a new system that will automatically synchronize and backup all of your files across all your apple wireless devices. For the multidevice lifestyle we have all embraced with Apple products, this new way of storing and sharing information will revolutionize how we communicate with each other and how we interact with our devices.

iCloud will be a free service available for users to download this fall. The user will be able to automatically synchronize all their information including music, photos, documents, apps, and books to all wireless devices within range. This will create an automatic backup system similar to Google Docs and Dropbox.

By including the user’s iTunes library in iCloud, when a song is purchased on one device it will automatically be available on up to 10 other devices. So that means you can be listening to a song in a cafe, purchase it on your iPad and then go for a run later that day and listen to it on your iPod touch or iPhone without ever connecting your devices. All of the music purchased through iTunes will be automatically saved to the user’s cloud locker. For £25 a year Apple also has iTunes Match which will scan through all your music not purchased through iTunes and find a copy in their music library of over 18 million songs to replace your song with an iTunes Plus quality copy at 256 Kbps, even if your original copy was of lower quality.

Synchronizing your playlists is just one of the new features of iCloud. All your photos will also be synchronized and updated to each device immediately. With iCloud users can easily share photos and even upload directly to Facebook and Twitter from any device. It will be easier than ever to capture baby’s first beach day and send photos and video to grandma and grandpa immediately from any device.

Music and photos can take up a lot of memory on the iPhone and iPad, but Apple’s thought of that too. There will only be a rolling stream of 1,000 photos saved directly on the smaller devices at any time; the rest of the photo stream will be accessible through the cloud locker through a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. This does pose a problem for users who frequently travel in zones with weak wireless signals. It does not appear that iCloud will be able to stream music from the iTunes library, so there may only be a limited cache of songs accessible when on airplane mode.

iCloud will protect even the laziest users from losing their data. Apple does all the work for you constantly updating and syncing your data. All documents can be easily shared and edited so you are always working on the most up-to-date version no matter what device you use. Sharing and updating calendars and email accounts is another new feature. Text messages and SMS messages are also saved in your cloud locker along with saved ringtones and apps.

We all remember Mobile Me and how that system never really lived up to our Apple expectations. We at MadBid think iCloud is a very different product and will become a formidable competitor in the cloud based storage industry.

We can’t wait to try iCloud out on our Apple products this fall. Which Apple products will you be synchronizing? The benefits of cloud storage and synchronization can only really be optimized when you have more than one device to update, so why not pick up another i-something? At users have picked up the iPad 2 for just £2.52 and the iPhone 4 for £2.34. Those are just a few examples of the deals our users are wining every day, see for yourself.


Google Chromebook: It’s a laptop, Jim, but not as we know it

posted by Evelina

Google launchegoogle chromebooks the Chromebook on June 15 and although it looks just like a regular laptop, that’s where the similarities stop.

The Chromebook is based on Cloud computing technology which is the on-demand provision of computer resources (data, software) via a computer network/internet. This enables computer users to store information off site and it gives the possibility of an almost infinite amount of storage.

Here at we’re excited to learn that the Goolge Chromebook will take full advantage of Cloud technology by being the first completely web based laptop – there are no files or programs stored on the computer (apart from the bare essentials) and even the software being used is online with no programmes to download.

This means that the computer will start up in about seven seconds, will never need a virus checker and if it gets damaged you won’t lose any of your files or software!

There are some downsides to this technology too, with everything being on the web it means that you constantly need to be connected to the web via Wi-Fi or some models even do 3G. Although this sounds good in principal, it does have some problems as although many places are now offering Wi-Fi and most people have it in their home, if you’re not near one of these then it’s down to 3G. 3G in the UK has pretty good coverage, but there are many black spots that the service doesn’t reach and in places like Central London where the mobile phone networks struggle with the amount of people accessing them. So this means that you won’t be able to do any work in any of these areas and unlike a standard computer there is no option to work offline.

Google are trying to get some developers to start making their online applications work offline too and they hope that the popularity of the Chromebook and the emergence of Cloud computing might encourage these developers to do so. It may mean the introduction of more subscription based software, so a user never owns the software but just pays a monthly/yearly fee to use it – this would also hopefully allow users to use the most up-to-date software available without having to pay for upgrades.

Along with all this the computers will be pretty user friendly as every time you turn it on the software will check online to see if there are updates, and it will always boot up with the latest version.  Also even if there’s a catastrophic failure, for whatever reason, it will simply reinstall itself – with no risk to your files as they are all stored online and safe!

If you’re not sure if Cloud computing is for you or you’d rather not wait until June 15 MadBid offers a large variety of Laptops such as ‘eMachines 15.6” Laptop’ which is perfect for fulfilling your entertainment and work requirements at home or on the road or if you prefer a touchscreen we have the ‘Dell Inspiron Duo Touchscreen’ – it has the ease of a touchscreen with the added feature of a keyboard too.

At we always try to bring you the latest technology  – why not sign up to our newsletter that announces all the latest auctions and gadgets that we offer. To subscribe:

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Choosing a mid-range laptop ‘can be a tricky task’

posted by Evelina

People in the hunt for a new laptop have been told that they need to do their research as there is so much choice available.

Phil Barker, writing for, said that whatever a buyer is looking for, they should be able to find the perfect machine for their needs, ranging from an ultraportable one to a desktop replacement machine.

“You’ll also have a fantastic choice of processors, with the Intel Core i5 chip the most popular and versatile mid-range solution. With an Intel Core i5 processor, you’ll get luxury features such as Intel Turbo Boost, which offers additional performance when you need it most,” he added.

Mr Barker went on to say that mid-range laptops might not handle some of the upcoming titles, however they do come fitted with dedicated graphics cards, allowing them to also run high definition video.

Furthermore, a guide written for said the research phase of looking for a new machine is “more fun” than the purchasing.ADNFCR-2524-ID-19764080-ADNFCR


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