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posted by Evelina

The Children’s Trust visit After running auctions for 4 successful years the company would like to share some of the activities that do not get a lot of news but are just as important to the company as the awards they have been nominated for. From selling the first car for £6.38 back in 2009 to getting listed as a Top 100 company published by the Guardian in 2010, the company has had its fair share of publicity. What a lot of people do not know is that not only saves money for a lot of their users but also helps others grow around them. With a strong entrepreneurial drive and great international exposure the company has created an inspirational working environment not only for staff members but also for their partners. One of the partners would like to acknowledge is The Children’s Trust. The charity tackles the most complex and delicate of challenges every day and does not ask for anything in return. Looking after over 300 families with children who have acquired brain injuries, school, hospital and huge grounds in Tadworth, the work done by the team is truly inspirational. wanted to capture the day the charity came to the London HQ’s for lunch. Since 2009 fundraised a variety of campaigns from Bids for Kids supported by Calum Best to trying to break the world record of the most Hi5’s given in one day. All the effort resulted in over £12,000 being raised for The Children’s Trust.

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