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Xbox 360 to go hands free!

posted by Evelina

Microsoft has unveiled a revolutionary motion controller for it’s Xbox 360. The completely hands-free controller called Kinect also offers voice commands.

The Kinect motion system relies on body motions and gestures picked up from a webcam-style device which looks like it should belong with the Wii. The system which was previously known as Project Natal was launched yesterday and Microsoft showcased a number of games including a Star Wars game, a driving simulation game and an Olympic game.

The Kinect controller senses your body movement and translates it into onscreen actions. This revolutionary new piece of kit will extent the lifespan of the Xbox 360 by another 3-4 years, which will make it the longest running games console in production.

It is widely believed that the addition will be available in the 4th Quarter so just before Christmas.

In other news, Sony have also just released their new Wave controller for the PS3 which will be in direct competition, this will soon be available.

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