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Apple iPad ‘will not hurt sales of netbooks’

posted by Evelina

The upcoming release of Apple’s iPad will not harm sales of portable netbook devices, according to an industry expert.

David Coursey, writing for, said that Apple’s recent claims that people will want to put down their netbooks when the iPad is released will be unfounded.

"Personally, I find this whole iPad versus netbook comparison more than a little specious. A netbook is a real computer, if an underpowered one, that benefits from having a keyboard and the same operating system as most users’ desktops," he added.

Mr Coursey also said that while most netbooks lack touchscreens, they will be able to show a motion picture in 16:9 format, something that the Apple device will not be able to do.

Another advantage that the netbook has over the iPad, according to the expert, is that the graphical capabilities of the machines are improving.

Overall, netbooks are becoming more attractive as they evolve, not less, he added.

Other advantages that the small laptops will have over the iPad include the ability to run Flash videos, meaning that websites will appear enhanced compared with the Apple machine.ADNFCR-2524-ID-19676273-ADNFCR

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