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Apple ‘should learn from iPad’ with Macbook updates

posted by Evelina

Apple should learn from the launch of its iPad if it releases a new update to the MacBook Pro this year.

According, incorporating a touchscreen into the device could appeal to many people, as the screen on the iPad has been well received.

"Multi-touch pinch zooming and flick scrolling feel totally intuitive and we’d love more than anything to be able to do the same on any Mac," it stated.

The website added that the MacBook Air should have space for a 3G SIM card, as the 3G version of the iPad has shown that people like to be able to access the web anywhere and everywhere.

More games is another call from the source, as they have been so well adopted on the iPhone and iPod Touch. said that four new Apple stock keeping units have appeared in the Microcentre purchasing system, which may correspond to new Macbook or Macbook Pro models.

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