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Asus VivoBook + Accessories worth £429.99 Sold for £84.91

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Congratulations to the winner of the Asus VivoBook + Accessories in our recent online auction. The auction closed for £84.91 and included a laptop that retails at £429.99 and has similar great build quality and display as its more powerful sibling. And the proud winner of this stunning new laptop also received an impressive array of accessories that include the Pioneer SE-MJ151 Headphones, Microsoft OneNote 2012 and Kaspersky ONE Universal Security, all at an 80% discount.

Asus has outdone itself with the VivoBook. This ultra-portable new laptop that packs a heavy punch has revived interest in the Netbook, which has recently been seeing a drop in sales.

Although the Asus VivoBook is not able to match the slimline elegance of rivals like the MacBook Air, it can still be picked up with one hand and slipped into a briefcase with no problem. And it has a lightweight touch screen that has a glossy finish and makes colours look particularly vivid.

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