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Be excited, it’s Friday the 13th

posted by Evelina is convinced it can put all the bad rumours to rest about the omen that is Friday the 13th, by launching its second Dream Come True auction valued at £13,000 within less than a week of the last one closing. MadBid shoppers will be able to put their skills to the test and land a bargain of a lifetime. The first Dream Come True Auction closed under £40 with the Londoner still choosing the product he wants. The great thing about these Mega Auctions is that the winner will be able to pick from a car, technology bundle, or a holiday worth £10,000! This auction is truly fit for all, if you don’t drive, choose a holiday; if you don’t travel enjoy the world through the beauty of electronics; if you do both then pick the car and drive where your heart takes you. The Dream Come True auction is here to create memories and inspire dreams so forget the superstition and stock up your accounts.

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