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Fifa 11 vs Pro Evo 11

posted by Evelina

The FIFA versus Pro Evolution Soccer battle has been around for some while, and with Fifa 11 released on 28th September and Pro Evo on the 30th September, it looks as if they are going head to head more than ever.

For years Fifa has been renowned for its realism and graphics whilst Pro Evo has proved popular for its usability and in game features. However this year it looks as if Fifa is stepping up its game, EA the game’s creators seem to have really worked on the in-game play and it has worked, it is harder to open up a game, skills are much harder to implement and the scoring wonder goals has become near impossible.

Whilst Pro-Evo seems not to have evolved at all, the only improvement to in-game play is that the system is much more intuitive, as the game wears on more chances open up as players become tired and substitutions have a more visible effect on the game. This is a great feature and Pro Evo 10 was pretty impressive anyway, but they may just have rested on their laurels and that could ultimately cost them.

Fifa 11 – 4 out of 5
Pro Evo – 3.5 out of 5

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