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Fujifilm’s New Camera with 30x Optical Zoom

posted by Evelina

Fujifilm has launched an all new superzoom camera in India – FinePix HS10. Equipped with cutting-edge sensor and image processing technologies, new FinePix HS10 has powerful 24-720mm Zoom lens which theoretically offers 30x optical zoom. This FinePix HS10 features a 10 megapixel CMOS sensor and is capable of capturing images at 10 frames per second for up to 7 shot burst.

All new FinePix HS10 rests between a point-and-shoot camera and DSLR. This camera has a moving LCD screen and twist-barrel manual control zoom lens. Against sudden shakes, this camera features triple image stabilization control.

This FinePix HS10 model has Fujinon 30x optical zoom 24-720mm range lens that helps taking images from wide angles to ultra telephoto. Fujifilm has also added Motion Remover Mode that removes moving subjects from the shots. In this mode, five images are captured in quick succession, then analyzed and combined to produce a single image where in any moving object inside the image is removed.

Another major feature of this camera is its capability to capture full HD 1080p movie with stereo sound. It also has a mini HDMI output which enables you to record HD movies and then hook it up to a HD display. One can also make the best of high speed video function that allows capturing 1000 frames per second for ultra slow motion video.

With sophisticated controls and SLR-like handling, this new camera is meant for photographers seeking SLR level at lower cost and looking for a less bulky camera body.

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