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Happy New Year!

posted by Evelina

Before jumping into 2013 we have summed up some of the highlights from 2012.

1. New Features 

After a long development process we finally revamped the website and added a few new features like Favourite Auctions, Quick Autobid and Rapid Recharge, providing  a seamless shopping experience for our madbidders.

 2. The Show Must Go On!

With Caprice joining the madness we kicked of our very own little show on Sky to bring you the latest auctions and bidding drama live! A few celebs wanted a go at presenting too, one of them was a reality TV star Tashie Jackson who gave our viewers some interesting tips on how to make the best use of the gadgets featured on

3. Mobile Madness 

Was born in autumn 2012 giving our users that extra shopping flexibility, you are welcome smartphone lovers you can now enjoy bidding and buying while on the go (as long as you have internet connection).

4. Winning 

We love awards but being nominated for 3 in 1 year was quite a surprise.  From Red Herring Europe to the Tech Track 100  which came 41st in and featured in The Sunday Times.

 5. A Little Luxury Goes a Long Way 

Starting a £30,000 car auction was a bold decision as we had no idea whether our madbidders would be interested but once the timer was set there was no going back. The buzz and excitement surrounding the auction was really unexpected, giving MadBid the promo it needed to showcase some of the other hot products closing in auctions every day.

6. Dream a Little Dream 

Once the £30,000 car auction closed we dived back in with a Dream Come True auction the same week! Giving the winner a choice of a £13,000 car, a tech bundle or a holiday deal worth £10,000. We did not consider that our madbidders might be quite tired from the fast-paced drama packed auction that just closed leaving this Dream Come True to close in an auction 2 days later for a staggering £30!

We hope to create even more highlights not only for us but for you in 2013, so thank you for using as your shopping website and stay tuned for exclusive news coming soon!

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