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How to get the Best Smartphone Deals

posted by Evelina

Juha Koski, Managing Director,

Nowadays we’re all technology obsessed, and smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. In fact when we asked MadBid customers how much they loved their smartphone, 51% of them told us they look at theirs the minute they wake up, before even going to bathroom, making a cuppa or saying good morning to their partner. And 35% look at them the last thing at night, too, in preference to kissing their loved-ones goodnight, or even having sex!

And there’s certainly no shortage of options when considering buying a new smartphone, yet it’s crucial you find the right deal for you.


Mobile Phone Companies

It’s likely your current smartphone is tied in with your phone contract. If your contract is up for renewal, this is a perfect time to get yourself a great deal.

Rather than just accepting the renewal package your current supplier suggests, do some research to see what their competition are offering, it may be far better. Not only does this give you the option of moving, it also means you can negotiate with your current provider. They’ll bend over backwards to keep you, almost everyone has a mobile phone now so their focus is on keeping the customers they have – and trust me, they really want to keep you!

You can haggle over both the smartphone model and the tariff, and if they seem unwilling to offer you a deal, then ask to be transferred the ‘disconnection department’ whose primary job is in fact to keep you.

Haggling is fun, if you get into the spirit of it. Be firm and don’t accept their first offer, however good it seems. You’re in the driving seat, and don’t let them forget it!


Buying The Phone Outright

Of course the best way to get a new smartphone is not to get it through mobile provider at all. You should buy the phone outright elsewhere and just get a SIM only deal.

Naturally, I think you should go to MadBid first – you could win a brand new smartphone in one of our fast paced auctions at an average 89% discount – and if you’re not successful you can use that money as an earned discount at our MadShop, which is cheap!

There are other places to look, of course, but as always be sure to follow my golden rules for internet shopping:

  1. Fully embrace bargain hunting. It’s fun!
  2. Research price – and if you’re using a price comparison site, make sure you sort by ‘price’ otherwise they may push their preferred products (where they generally make more money).
  3. Research shipping – free shipping is nice, but make sure the site doesn’t add it on to the list price. Check delivery times, too.
  4. Research the site’s delivery policy to ensure it’s fair.
  5. Have fun!



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