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In 2013 We Are Looking Forward To….

posted by Evelina

We are almost there! The January blues don’t seem so bad when you have your Apples, a little bit of snow and a Facebook wall full of iPhone autocorrect fails. Even when you feel down that the holidays and warmth is nowhere in sight a solution is only a Hapify App away. With the blues sorted it is time to think about what we are looking forward to in 2013. We asked the MadBid team to tell us what they were looking forward to the most in 2013. The results were nothing less than what you would expect from a company that calls itself Mad.

Evie: ‘getting some serious heat and bargain hunting in Marrakesh’
Richard: ‘I can’t wait for Christmas and the best thing is it will come early in 2013 because Apple will be releasing their first ever TV in November!’

Dave: ‘Hosting the first MadBid Eurovision, contact me when you get bored of Xfactor’

Cristina: ‘surprisingly and completely out of the blue finding a puppy in the office…..Juha [MD] is not reading this blog is he?

William: ‘May. Reason 1: Hangover 3 is coming out Reason 2: The Iron Man 3 is coming out Reason 3:… I’m getting married I guess that counts too’

Kryz: I have designed 350 different banners that included Caprice in 2012. This has to stop; my girlfriend thinks I see more of Caprice than her.

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