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Like a Virgin… (Day Experience of course)

posted by Evelina

Hello MadBidders!

We have something brand new and exciting coming your way: the Scarlet Collection Voucher from Virgin Experience Days! With over a hundred different options to choose from, this might prove harder than it seems to choose just one activity. Ranging from Audi R8 Thrills to Ice Climbing, from Thai cookery courses to Poker lessons, the Scarlet Collection Voucher offers an exciting experience you’ll by dying to brag about to your friends. has selected a few favourites to share with you, but feel free to browse them all here!

1. Ice Climbing

Who wouldn’t like to learn how to go “Ice Climbing?” Set your sights high and the next thing you know you could be in Antarctica climbing glaciers. If you are an experienced mountaineer, or just interested in trying out a new challenge, ice climbing will provide you with that extra edge to a very “cool” sport. The concave is at a constant of -12°C and allows a real take on ice climbing.

Ice Climbing video:

2. Face Your Phobia

Maybe this snake is not as scary closeby... It is a liberating experience when you are able to face your phobia of all things creepy crawly. “Face Your Phobia” will help you face your fears and handle the creatures of your nightmares (do not worry, it is under the supervision of friendly keepers). You could choose lizards, birds, non-venomous snakes and for those who can handle it; the tarantula. Imagine the incredible rush of adrenaline that you will get as you let a tarantula crawl down your arm!

3. For Your Eyes Only Photoshoot

Do you have a sexy sensual side that you would like to explore? Get ready to celebrate your curves or stunning figure with the “For Your Eyes Only Photoshoot”. Skin smoothing magazine quality photographs will show off your body with confidence and a gorgeous glow. The experience will leave you with a collection of portraits that even you will have trouble resisting yourself looking so sexy!

For Your Eyes Only Video

4. Thai Cookery Course

Sawasdee kha/krab! That’s how women and men greet in Thai; the local language of Thailand. Mr. MadBid loves Thai cuisine, as it is renowned for being fresh and full of natural flavour. Imagine learning from the master in the “Thai Cookery Course”. Afterwards you will be able to cook the delicious dishes using authentic Thai recipes. Som Tom is the delicious spicy green papaya salad that you will often find locals eating from street stalls, and you will have the opportunity to cook it in the comfort of your own home. Impress your family and friends with your newly born culinary skills!

5. Audi R8 Thrill

Envision yourself on a circuit in a race against the clock. You put the pedal to the metal and instantaneously, you’re in an amazing mechanical body, accelerating, your heart is racing and blood is pumping forcefully through your veins and you have never felt more alive. All this awaits you with the “Audi R8 Thrill” experience from Virgin Experience Days. As famous car racer Mario Andretti once said: “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough”.

Vrooooom Vroooom

These are just a few of the crazy adventures you can now bid on with Virgin Experience Days on, but hurry these vouchers are going as fast as the Audi R8 Thrill ride!  These auctions are starting in the coming weeks.. Enjoy!

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