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How Madbid Works

MadBid is a revolutionary bidding website that offers high-quality products at a fraction of the price. What you need to do if you want to become a MadBidder is to sign up on, buy credits and use them to place a bid. After you place a bid, wait for the timer to reach zero. If someone else bids, the timer is restarted, but if nobody bids you won the item – As simple as that. Earned Discount feature makes MadBid one of the most unique online shopping systems.


Why is MadBid Better than Other Bargain Shopping Websites?


The benefits of signing up with MadBid are numerous. You can get up to 80 percent average savings on brand new products, buy premium brands like Apple, BMW and Samsung, participate in thrilling auctions that close almost every minute and enjoy flexible shopping with features such as AutoBid and Buy Now that will make sure every visit is a fun shopping experience. And, most importantly, 75 percent of the products offered on Buy Now are cheaper than Amazon. There is also the price comparison feature so you can check the prices for yourself.


Bargains on


There is virtually no item on Earth that cannot be bought on MadBid. Everything you could possibly want is at your fingertips and just a few clicks away. All the products sold on the website are brand new and sealed, so you do not have to worry about the quality of the item you are bidding for. Even cars are sold on MadBid! You can bid on warehouse products, warehouse closeouts, overstock surpluses, wholesale stock, manufacturer stock and more.


Brands you can get on MadBid are countless and range from Apple, Samsung, Fiat, LG, Kindle, Canon, Dyson, Sony etc. MadBid has seen a large number of memorable auctions resulting in, for instance, a Mini sold for GBP 6 back in 2008. Mini Coopers are among the most popular bidding items, but regardless of the car type, the average saving is 79 percent on all MadBid car auctions. Another good example of a bargain is when a GBP 30,000 BMW Z4 sold for only GBP 4,730! That is how low the prices can drop.


Apple products are also among popular items on MadBid. Recently a Macbook Air 13” sold for only GBP 10.13 while an iPad with retina display was bought for just GBP 38.81. Here you can get all Apple products (iMacs, Macbooks, iPads, iPods, etc) at a fraction of the retail price. Then there is a Samsung Mobile Phone Range with the latest models being sold to numerous satisfied customers at unbelievable prices.


There really is no need to go to a regular shop and buy products at retail prices when you can stumble upon numerous bargains on MadBid and enjoy the excitement of bidding and winning with a bit of luck.

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david says:

hi see this site looks all great and all are happy well one thing you dont see on htis website is how to contact this company no e mailaddress no phone number .
No actual postal address only contact is facebook not great . Sorry would;nt trust this site as far as i can block it bye sorry i registered . Sfe site i dont think .so. By the way i am sure my message will be looked at by this company and you can bet this wont go on this blog.

sibel says:

Everything is listed and accessible via site, contact number address and registration are listed in multiple places on the site. as you can see every required information can be obtain from that page.

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