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Let’s Talk Mobile: The Top 4 Smartphones on MadBid

posted by Evelina


We just can’t live without our smartphones. From waking us up in the morning, supplying us with news and entertainment, helping us keep in touch with friends and family, our smartphones have become so necessary we feel naked without them. So let’s talk mobile phones and see which ones offer best deals for your penny. 




Smartphones, as we know, don’t come cheap though: the super-expensive, state-of-the-art Samsung Galaxy Note 3, accessorised with its own smart-watch Galaxy Gear, retails at an impressive £949.


This smartphone has so many features that we dedicated a whole blog post in October.


One lucky bidder, jayjay008, won the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy Gear on MadBid for only £79.93, a saving of more than 90%!


When we made the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 available at auction earlier this year, our lucky winners got it from a mere £22, while bidders got the Samsung smartphone at other MadBid auctions for an average price of £150 and still saving a lot of money on the retail price.


Talking of Samsung, the Galaxy S4 16GB was won recently at auction at just £14.61. Normally you are expected to pay £660 for this smartphone on the high street, so our lucky winner cocosnucifera saved a mind-blowing 98% on the retail price! That’s surely an early Christmas present.


Here at MadBid we know how popular the iPhone 5 is so we make sure it is featured on a regular basis. To give you an example, in October the iPhone 5C 16GB has been won at auction at prices varying from £100 to £180, which is still a massive saving on the price you would pay in a shop (retail price is £700).


Our winner kleeener got the Sony Xperia Z  at an impressive £44.47 earlier in October and other winners snapped one up for an average £100, saving at least £400 on the retail price.


With more than 700,000 winners on MadBid so far, this is a good time to upgrade your phone and get involved in our fantastic auctions! Check out our latest auctions and may the bidding fun begin!






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