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Top 4 Apps for all iPad users!

posted by Evelina

ipad_rgbIf you are one of the lucky owners of an iPad or are looking to add one to your collection of gadgets. Here we list the top 4 apps that you can’t live without:

1) Facebook – With 1 in 3 people in the world registered on Facebook, the app for the iPad is a must for many. The Facebook app for the iPad offers a much more in-depth experience than the iPhone app. It is free and is much more streamlined than the iPhone.

2) Air Video – With the size of the screen coupled with the quality of the display the iPad really is a great media player. Although you can transfer movies and music to your iPad via iTunes it can be a long and complicated process. That’s where Air Video comes in, just install the free app on your iPad and then download the free server client on your PC and tell it what you want to transfer and in no time at all you will be watching your favourite movies on the go.

3) Kindle – Apples IBooks app is good but when it comes to to content selection, Amazon is still king. Kindle for the Ipad is a really good e-reader app, and makes it easy to browse through books. It seamlessly launches the web-based book store to make purchasing a snap.

4) Mondo Solitaire – Mondo solitaire comes in two varieties, a pack of the most popular games or the whole shebang. If you like card games, we recommend getting the full package and then having a blast playing through tons of your favourite games.

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