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What is Auction Peek?

posted by Evelina

In the recent survey we did MadBidders asked us to clarify how some of our added functions work. So this week’s selected function is: Auction Peek.

Let us set an example:

Bobby loves iPad. His wife Jill owns an iPad and now he really wants to own one too and get the latest iPad 2. He managed to win a Mac on before for £22 and believes he could try for the iPad2. He couldn’t find any in the recent closed auctions but would like to know the average closing prices. He decides to use the Auction Peek function in order to get a rough idea. He sees the following appear on the bottom of his screen.

I Pad Auction Peek

Basically Auction Peek allows you to see the most recent similar auctions and their closing prices. In this example in the information displayed you can see that iPad2 auctions currently run on a monthly basis together with the closing price of similar auctions.

Actually, where is the Auction Peek?

For all you new users or users that haven’t heard of this feature before, Auction Peek is accessible on the individual auction site. It is the lowest button of Auction Details.

What does it cost me?

The Auction Peek costs 4 credits per auction.

Why would I use Auction Peek?

The Auction Peek is different to Sneak-a-Peek as it lets you find out a particular item rather than information about other bidders. If you wanted to bid on this item, you can then decide what price to start bidding or setting your autobid. It is quick, easy, and simply Madly useful!

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