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5 Tips To Help You Win a Car Auction

posted by Evelina

With 18 brand new cars sold for an average discount of 86%, we decided it was time to look back and see the most popular bidding tips big bidders used to bag some amazing products.

The latest car winner Elizabeth, paid £3,881 for her brand new Skoda, her bidding tips in this video sum up how important it is to take your time in the MadBid auctions and observe who is bidding. Regular MadBid shoppers have found their strategy and now can enjoy manufactory sealed latest products for a fraction of the RRP. So, here we list some bidding tips that should help you develop your own bidding strategy and help you win that most sought after product, the car auction!

  1. Bulk Up! If you want to win a bigger item like the Apple bundle or the car, you need to stock up on credits. A few bids will not get you very far, only very few have won products with limited credits (remember the £6 Mini?)
  2. AutoBid On! Car auctions tend to last for a little while, figure out the low bidding times and get that AutoBid on so you don’t miss the auction.
  3. Sneak-a-Peak. This feature is not used enough by bidders but plays an important part. Check out who you are bidding up against, would you waste your credits against a user who has just won a 1950 credit auction? If you come across big bidders, place your credits wisely.
  4. Strike while it’s cold! If you really want the item, then a little bit of patience will be required. Watch the auctions, see how bidding patterns change. Notice when the auctions are hot with bidders (usually after a bogof promotion). Strike when it’s quiet and cool so that the timer runs out and you are the last person to bid!
  5. Tried and tested. Most of the car winners say ‘go for the little things first’ and there is a reason, you won’t know until you try. Find what works for you, win some smaller products and then go for the big things.

And the most important tip of all, enjoy it! MadBid has been created to make shopping fun so enjoy all it has to offer.


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