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Fancy winning a MadBid car auction?

posted by Evelina

Over the years here at MadBid we made some people really happy as they walked away with brand new cars for very little money!


Lucky winners so far have taken home cars from Ford Focus, a MINI One, Skoda Fabia, Fiat 500C, Ford Fiesta and… Wait for it… A BMW Z4!


See our interviews with previous winners.


Do you remember our winner last year who lives in Germany and got his hands on the steering wheel of a shiny and new BMW?


At only 22 years of age he got a luxury car that most people could only afford after a lifetime’s worth of savings!


Would you like to be our next winner? Do you fancy the change to be in the spotlight and be featured on our website?


Winning a car for Christmas would be so wonderful, right? Always keep up to date with our latest auctions by connecting with us on social media.


Previous winners have shared their advice on how to win a car at auction: Start by bidding on the rookie auctions first, as they are designed for newbies. Also watch the How it Works video and familiarise yourself with the bidding process. Then start bidding on the items you want, and when you feel ready use tools like the auto-bid feature make sure you find the right setting for you so you do not miss out on the auction win.


Now over to you, MadBidders! Let us know on Google+ what your favourite car brand is.


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