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Win a Car- launches its 18th Car Auction

posted by Evelina

Win a car – MadBid’s famous car auction is back!

When you think about MadBid, you think about Apple products and gadgets but what a lot of people don’t know is that MadBid also auctions high value ticket items like cars. Since 2008 have auctioned 17 cars and 50% of them closed in auctions for less than £500!

These are brand new cars fresh out of the dealerships, not a single scratch or use, with full warranties and documentation.

The latest car auction starts this Sunday, and the winner will be able to choose between 3 different cars, an Audi A3, NEW Nissan Qashqai and Volkswagen Golf.

The cheapest car sold on was the Mini for £6.38, which is quite a saving for a £12,000 brand new car.

The last winner was Elizabeth who picked up a new Skoda for just over £3,000 which is still a bargain for a new family car.

The most popular strategies for winning a car auction as mentioned by previous car winners is, watch the people that bid in the auctions because you will know who you are competing against and also watch the number of people in the auction so you know when the chances of the timer running out are.

The difference for the car auction this time round is that it will have a buy now option, so if you do really want a car try win it for up to 80% off and if you don’t you can simply purchase it.

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