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Enjoy your MadBid Discount with Buy Now!

posted by Evelina

Auctions are fun and MadBid is where the action happens. Due to the popularity of the website and the amazing products on offer, sometimes you are not the auction winner, but fear not, all that good work bidding doesn’t go to waste. Now you can enjoy a MadBid discount with Buy Now! 

To buy on MadBid you first need to buy some credits; you can then either choose to join one or more of our auctions or purchase the product using the Buy Now button.


Many users ask us what to do with the credits they used when bidding in auctions and they did not win a product.


The answer is simple: you can use your credits to buy that item you wanted by clicking on the “Buy Now” button and your credits will act as a discount on the purchase price. To purchase your product you will only need to pay the final closing which will include your credit discount and within a few days you get your delivery.


In other words: say you were planning to buy a new laptop from a high-street retailer.


You want to check if you can get the same laptop cheaper on MadBid. You start bidding but you need to leave the auction early before it closes. The credits you have used to bid will not go to waste but you can use them as part payment to buy the laptop on MadBid using the “Buy Now” option. During an auction, the price drops as you bid so the credits you have used can be converted into discount should you wish to purchase the product.


MadBid also has a price comparison tab so you can check our prices against other online shops. Whether you win at auction or not, your MadBid credits will give you access to great deals on your favourite products.

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