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MadBid Review: Samsung Galaxy S4

posted by Evelina



The anticipated new Samsung S4 is here! We are however finding it a bit difficult to distinguish the new from the old. It seems Samsung has gone down the Apple route and vaguely changed the design which is still quite bulky but much easier to use while on the go.


Putting the anti-climactic exterior aside, we look within. The new Samsung is 4G ready which is great because the screen resolution is amazing so the last thing you want is slow internet. Also, If you are planning to buy it off the shelf it will cost £399, which is cheaper than an iPhone5 that is still not 4G ready in the UK so you will be getting a bargain there.

If you like the speed of your internet on your old S3 then maybe a few of these little new features will convince you to upgrade.


No Buttons Required. That’s right, this clever little feature senses when you are not looking at the screen and pauses a video or game or just an article you’ve been reading. Also to flip from page to page simply tilt the device. Handy right? There is more. If you love to travel, this will be the handset for you. The S-Translator will translate both text and voice so you can relax and not worry about getting lost when abroad.


If you need a new phone we think this would be a worthy investment as it definitely has unique little elements that will make your life easier. If like us you don’t think this is different enough from the old model and don’t really have £399 lying around, we are auctioning them at MadBid now. Sign up today and use promo code STARTER24 for an exclusive buy 1 get 1 free offer! Sign up only takes 30 seconds.

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