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Surprise Wednesdays at!

posted by Evelina

Did you know that each Wednesday it’s a party here at MadBid? Yeah, the Surprise Wednesdays at MadBid!

All your Christmases are coming at once with a whole host of surprises.

Every Wednesday on the MadBid site you can find a selection of limited time only products that are going under the hammer. We are not talking about filling your Christmas stocking with a bar of Toblerone: there’s some high ticket prizes to be won in auctions!


Do you need some fancy stocking fillers at a fraction of the retail price?


We have some great surprises in stock for you: how about a power-packed Lenovo tablet boasting a Quad Core processor? This super-sleek tablet is only 8.6mm thick and looks extremely stylish.


The iPad Mini 16 GB is also a great Christmas surprise for friends and family and now you can make someone’s day spending only £65 like one of our lucky bidders or… wait for it… £1.98! Yes, one lucky winner got his timing spot on and managed to take home an iPad Mini for only £1.98!


How about buying a watch for a friend who is difficult to buy presents for? You really can’t go wrong with a watch. We have some good bargains going on at MadBid.


Just keep an eye on our surprise limited time only auctions on Wednesdays to see if your favourite product is there.


Not everybody wants an iPhone at Christmas and here at MadBid we have a selection of desirable brands like Samsung and Sony. A smartphone is always a good choice to surprise a loved one for Christmas.


We also have Gold Mystery Boxes, Brown Treasure Boxes and MadBid credits making an appearance in forthcoming auctions to make your bidding experience even more enjoyable.

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