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5 things that make shopping on MadBid different

posted by Evelina

This week I want to take you through 5 things that set us apart from the competition and the reason why our members keep coming back to win more fantastic products. It’s why we are the number 1 discount auction website and have built a reputation for providing good quality without the crazy price tag.

So here goes:

1. Big brands, small prices

All products on MadBid auctions are brand new and factory sealed. You won’t find any second hand goods and they are straight from manufacturer’s stock, warehouses and overstock surplus. With some of our competitors you can expect to find a confusing mixture of new and old stock.

2. Have fun bidding and we’ll look after everything else

Each product you win comes with an original manufacturer’s warranty that gives you total peace of mind. You won’t get a warranty on the products you win on other bidding sites.

3. Save up to 80%

You get up to 80% off your favourite deals and none of our competitors can beat us on that – and the best part is all our stock is brand new.

4. Guaranteed Sell

We are the only auction site that guarantees a sale on all our auctions regardless of the ending price. That’s why it’s possible to bid on a top of the range laptop, touch screen TV or Sony camera and get it for 80% off the retail price. None of our auctions have a minimum ending price or reserve price. They are guaranteed to sell no matter what the closing price is.

5. Customer service that cares

Should you have a query or concern or should anything go wrong with your win or purchase, you can always count on the MadBid friendly customer service team.

You can also expect your products to be delivered on time every time no matter how big or small the item. Tune in next time to keep updated about the weekly featured auctions that you’ll find irresistible.

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