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Gadget Shop: Top 5 Products Selling on

posted by Evelina

Let’s have a look at the gadget shop of MadBid and see what the top products selling on MadBid were in the last 10 months. With all the cool new smartphones on the market it’s not surprising that the auctions have been filled with bidders trying to get their hands on the latest models. In all this rustle and bustle of bids and autobids, we have seen an increase in the closing price of auctions which at some points were not as low as we would like our auction winners to enjoy them. To ensure there are enough smartphones for all, we cancelled out some of the lower priced products to make space for the Apples that seem to be catching everyone’s eyes.


You must think, the top products selling on must be harder to win and will require a lot more bids, but we thought we would present the numbers and let you review them as you see fit.


This information dates back to February 2013 so you can see nearly a whole year’s worth of auctions information.


Top 5 Products Selling on MadBid


1. Smartphones: The most expensive model being the iphone5 with the average selling price in auction being £118.58. The cheapest smartphone seemed to be HTC One X+ with the average selling price in auction being £51.22


2. Tablets: The demand for tablets has really increased but this can be due to the simple fact that we’ve seen some amazing models become available. The most popular tablet on MadBid is by far hands down the iPad, including all of the models released, retina display, Air, 32GB the average selling price in auctions on MadBid is £101.04. The least popular tablet was the Arnova tablet with a few customer complaints being sent in of its usability confusion.


3. Games Consoles: If there is one product you will always find on MadBid is a games console. Our whole shopping model is based on a game like shopping platform so it’s only natural that we should sell games consoles for people looking for entertaining ways to spend their time. It was a close call, but the most consoles we’ve sold were PS3s, sorry Xbox there was just more demand for the super slim sleek design of PS3. This is also reflected in the auction closing prices. The average auction closing price for a PS3 for the year was £31.48 which generated more bids as opposed to the Xbox which has an average closing price of £22.03 in auction.


4. Cameras: Hands down the most popular camera being auctioned on MadBid is the Canon EOS 650D + 18-55 Lens which closed in auctions for an average price of £72.82 but we also tested a few different models, one being the most expensive camera ever auctioned on MadBid. With an RRP of £2,999 the Canon 5D Mark III + 24-105mm Lens Kit closed in auction well over £600 every time, showing that a rare model is also very much in demand.


5. Mystery Boxes: Yes at first we were a little confused too, how can people want to bid on products that they don’t even know about. We’ve do put our hands up and apologise for some of the random things you may have found in your boxes as we did not anticipate this product to be so popular, but we will be working on customising it a bit more and including some really cool things for you Madbidders to really enjoy.


So there you have it, our top 5 most popular products from the last 12 months. We also have to mention the product that has been in a lot of demand since Easter 2013 which is a car auction. Well we could not wait any longer and now you have it live in auction, with a buy now price which has never been done before on MadBid.

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