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Is MadBid a Scam? We don’t think so!

posted by Evelina

People sometimes think that because you can get products for such low prices on it must be a scam, most things that are too good to be true generally are. But, is MadBid a scam? We’re here to dispel that myth.


MadBid has a whole list of credentials under its belt that it’s difficult to think it is a scam website. The number of registered users on the website is now over 4 million but, in order to trade legally in the UK MadBid must comply with certain rules and regulations.



The important facts:

  • has had over 730,000 auction winners since 2008
  • It’s a UK based company (UK Co Registration No: 6609609)
  • Regular adverts are shown on UK TV and in the press, which means strict guidelines are being followed as set out by governing bodies
  • As requested by the Office of Fair Trading, MadBid adverts have substantiated prices, which means that auction winners have given MadBid permission to use the prices of their won auctions in advertising
  • All the MadBid products are brand new and from reputable sources and suppliers which means if you buy an iphone it will be exactly  the same as if you were to buy it from the Apple store
  • An active  MadBid Facebook page and twitter account is filled with customer feedback, users can contribute their opinions and stories
  • You can find videos of auction winners on the official MadBid Youtube channel so you can see that winners are all genuine people who have won a variety of items on the MadBid website
  • is registered with the information Commissioners Office (ICO)
  • is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant, the highest security standard for online payments
  • Customer services are all in-house so you can reach the team via phone or email and know you are dealing with people who know MadBid inside out and not a call centre. 
  • Employees are never allowed to bid on the website as it’s automatically programmed with IP addresses and staff usernames so there are no chances for the team to place any bids. is also audited by BDO who check to ensure no usage of bots or malpractice is being conducted in the auctions. 
  • has been investigated by the press on numerous occasions, you can find what they say in the press page encourages customers to contact the social media pages where customers are able to talk to other registered users about the MadBid service and resolved any quick concerns.

The company also has strict policies in place to ensure fair and responsible bidding in auctions: 

  • ‘Winning Limits” which stop the big bidders from winning all the popular products, see My MadBid for these limits
  • MadBid encourage responsible bidding on the website so that users know how to bid in a safe and healthy manner
  • There are extensive terms & conditions and anyone not adhering to these will be dealt with so that they do not hinder the bidding experience of others
  • MadBid even have advice from other bidders and winners on the Winners page and News site – they give you tips and ideas on the best bidding strategies
  • The ‘Sneak-a-peek’ and ‘Auction Peek’ service which allows you to see how your opponents bid and how many auctions  have performed in the past – with all this knowledge it allows customers to bid smarter and more strategically


MadBid encourage users to bid smart and bid responsibly, there are some amazing bargains to be had with on average an 80% saving on retail prices.


These are just some of the bargains (price includes cost of bids plus final auction price):

  • Xbox 360 with Kinect – RRP £249.99 – SOLD FOR:  £69.19
  • PS3 slim 250GB – RRP £284.99 – SOLD FOR:  £23.10
  • Louis Vuitton Emilie Wallet – RRP £240 – SOLD FOR: £21.28
  • Fiat 500 – RRP £9465.00 – SOLD FOR: £211.51


Those are all genuine bargains that have been won by bidders on and there will be plenty more to come! operates in Italy, Spain, Ireland, France, Austria, Turkey, the Netherlands and Germany and we abide by and fully support consumer and commercial law in all EU states and the law of each member state where we operate


Any questions?

Please feel free to e-mail us:
Call: +44 (0) 203 627 93 61

Our customer service line is open:

  • Monday – Friday: 10am – 5:30pm
  • Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays: Closed

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