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It’s good to talk!

posted by Evelina

Wouldn’t it be nice to be alerted in advance about the latest auctions on MadBid? And wouldn’t it be nice to talk to the MadBid customer service department in real time?


Here at MadBid we are making it easier to talk to all our customers.


Our customer service team are available to answer your questions from how to set up an account to how to bid for an item. We also want you to know about our auctions before they go live so you can browse for your favourite products and get ready to start bidding. Our social media channels will give you the latest news on gadgets and we will compare product specifications to help you choose the right item for your needs.


Love twitter? We are there, just tweet us at @MadBidCare for a fast response, like finding out the delivery date of the item you have just won in auction. Not sure how to open an account? Tweet us your question and we’ll be happy to guide you through the set up process.


Are you on Google+? We are there too! You can add us and start a Google Hangout if you have any pressing questions about MadBid, come follow us here. If you contact us through Google+ you will get added to our VIP circle which means, faster responses, exclusive news and one person looking into your enquiries so you never have to repeat yourself.


We love a good hangout here at MadBid because it’s like talking face to face with all of you. If you have recently won at auction we definitely would like to hear from you and see which item you bought and how much you have saved.  On Google+ you will also find out about our auctions, past winners plus our exclusive free credit offers.


Addicted to Facebook? No problem! We are on Facebook and our business page is a great source for our customers to share tips, raise enquiries and be alerted on the latest auctions, products and bargain wins. You can interact with us, ask questions and give feedback on your auction wins. You can also post the pictures of the items you have won.


New to MadBid and unsure if it’s possible to win brand new products at such amazing prices, have a look at our Youtube channel where you will be able to see everything from car winners to our latest TV adverts.

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