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Mad Bid – Bidding Auction Introduces Earned Discount

posted by Evelina

Over the past few months Mad Bid have been working on something really exciting that will revolutionise the way you shop on the site. Our new feature, Earned Discount allows customers to have fun in auctions and saves every paid credit spent in that auction, so even if you don’t win, you never lose.


You may have tried Mad Bid by bidding for an item but someone else has won the item. What happens to all those credits you spent while bidding for your favourite product? Up until now you had the option to still buy that product you’ve been bidding on using the spent credits in the auction as a discount of the full retail price. But what if you only spent £10-£70 bidding and don’t want to pay an extra £250 to buy your favourite phone? With the new Earned Discount feature every paid credit gets saved in the Earned section on the toolbar so you can have fun in as many auctions as you like with the knowledge that every spent credit gets saved. When you’re ready you can use the earned discount to purchase from a variety of products in our Earned Discount shop.


Let’s break it down for you: say you have been bidding on a LED HD TV worth £200. Unfortunately someone else won the auction: what happens to the credits you have used in the auction? If, for example, you have spent £100 in the auction, you can use those credits as a discount towards your next purchase, which could be a tablet worth £120. You will then only need to pay £20 plus delivery and the item is yours.


So what are you waiting for? Whether you bid or buy, you always save!

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