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A New iMac for £148? Must be a Scam ….

posted by Evelina

MadBid’s auction winners must be loving this notion that MadBid is a scam. I mean, if you can buy a brand new shiny iphone for 80% discount and shop in peace knowing that this concept will not catch on because everyone thinks it’s a scam, well played madbidders, well played.


We want to take this time and go over some of the most memorable auction winners that would never tell you that MadBid auctions work, after all, the less bidders in auctions, the bigger the discounts right? So why spread the word?


Let’s start with the car auction winners. While MadBid has been fortunate enough to grab the happy auction winners during car handovers, we are not holding our breaths that the word about MadBid auctions would spread 😉


Our favourite had to be the £6 Mini auction that closed back in 2008. Not only did the BBC interview the winner Sandeep Anantharaman, but the news spread like wild-fire across national newspapers for a good few months.


After Sandeep, car winners were rolling in one after the other. Mike gave us a great run through about his auction winning bidding strategy and Joseba was so excited, he recited everything he had for breakfast the day he found out he won the car auction.  Mini Coopers seem to be the favourite car auctions on MadBid, but regardless of the car type, the average saving is 79% on all the MadBid car auctions.  If you think that the car auction interviews that you see on YouTube are all willingly done by the auction winners, no no. The interviews are compulsory because the car is such a high ticket item and because it’s the only real time that MadBid can have a chat with auction winners to find out what they really think about shopping on the website. You can find all the car handover videos in our Youtube car handover playlist to find bidding tips. Also, see if you notice some faces appear more than once, that’s right some madbidders have bagged 2 cars. MadBid’s auction winners love their privacy, some of them have bagged up to 200 MadBid auctions with huge discounts, but what the real secret behind their bidding strategy is, not even we know.


How do you know if a user is an experienced Madbidder?


They usually enter the auctions when the timer drops which mean the auction will soon close as the timer has more chance of running out when it’s dropped to 5 seconds. Also, the regulars know how much the products tend to sell for in auctions, so if the last 5 laptops sold for £50 in auction, they know they should start bidding around that price range because they don’t need to use up that many credits and still have all the chance of winning the auction. Regular bidders will be bidding on more than one auction. When they have the right bidding strategy, you will see their usernames appear on 2-3 high ticket items (we are not talking just placing one or 2 bids, full on bidding). And one of the most obvious ways to tell an experienced madbidder is by looking at the closed auctions page. If you see the same username appearing as the winner of the auctions, you will know that this bidder has the bidding strategy figured out. Do not worry about them winning all the auctions, there are winning limits per month in place.


So our advice is if you want to become one of the silently happy madbidders that walks away with 80% discounts in auctions, figure out who the regular bidders are and see what they do to bag the biggest bargains.

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Grace says:

I honestly don’t believe it. I was bidding for different product and just wasting credit and I keep finding out that people that win this bid I never see them bid and all of a sudden they win bid

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