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MadBid Features – AutoBid – Sneak – Rapid Recharge

posted by Evelina

Bidding is like a big party on MadBid – and to have even more fun, here are some tips on how to use the MadBid Features on the website to your advantage. We are making it even easier to use MadBid as your destination site for all your gadget shopping needs.

Here’s a few tricks and tips to make your shopping experience on MadBid is always fun.

Did you know?


Sneak-a-peek: Ever wondered who your “competitors” are? You can use the Sneak-a-peek feature to check who the other bidders are, what they have won, bidding times and other non-personal information.


AutoBid: This feature does the bidding on your behalf, so if for example you really want to put the kettle on and make a cup of tea, you can turn the AutoBid feature on, knowing that you are still in with a chance of winning your favourite item at auction.


Rapid Recharge: This feature acts tops up of your credits. If your account is running low on credits (below 20) you can turn on Rapid Recharge so you don’t run out of credits in the middle of an exciting auction. As you know auctions are fast-paced so you might miss out on winning a product while topping up your credits manually. Additional benefits of the Rapid Recharge feature are that every 5th credit top up you receive a free credit package plus you always get 10% extra free credits with every top up.


Rookie Auctions: Are you new to MadBid? Then the Rookie Auctions are for you: these auctions are only available to new users to help them get the hang of bidding. Also if new users do not win a Rookie Auction with the first purchased credit package, all their credits are refunded.

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