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MadBid Launches in the UK

posted by Evelina

The MadBid team have been busy spreading the Madness across UK beaches to celebrate that MadBid launches in the UK. With the help of an enthusiastic four legged friend, the Minehead seafront went MadBid crazy! There were happy beach-goers aplenty as MadBid Frisbees hit the skies. Strutting their stuff in the latest Madkini fashion, the team made the most of the summer weather; handing out promotional flyers and MadBid Frisbees, and making sure everyone spending their weekend out was well aware of the UK’s brilliant new penny auction site.


Plenty of curiosity was raised when the company name was announced. ‘MadBid’ does not strike as your typical auction website, but with a quick demo and explanation, the public seemed to warm up to the name.


After a days hard work, the team prepared for the official launch. Madbid’s official launch party went off with a bang!


Everyone made a huge effort to look the part for the 1930s gangster theme.


From Al Capone to Bugsy Malone, gangsters’ molls and flapper girls, they all partied until the early hours at “Jack’s” nightclub, London Bridge.


The venue had an authentic ‘speakeasy’ feel, you could almost imagine that the cops would raid the place at any moment.


The event was a distinct success and the Madbid team would like to thank everybody who attended and contributed to what turned out to be a fantastic and fun evening. So watch out for the auctions bringing amazing deals on brand new products. MadBid launches in UK and fingers crossed all over Europe in no time!


If you ran into one of our team members on the beach or near London Bridge, do give us a shout, we hope our madbidders will enjoy the auctions just as much as we had fun creating them, so let the bidding commence.

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