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MadBid Mystery and Treasure Boxes – What’s the Deal?

posted by Evelina

Last week we had a very interesting customer service call that lasted around 40mins (our customer service line is a Freephone so it was fine). In this call, the customer was talking about his missing treasure box, and how he won it but it has not been delivered. After explaining that the treasure box is not an actual physical box, the customer sounded dis-heartened and sad, until we eventually figured out it was a Mystery Box he was missing!


So this week, we are going to define these 2 products to avoid any future confusion.


Mystery Box


If you want to have a bit of fun in MadBid auctions, these are great. Mystery Boxes used to vary in value but now you will only see boxes worth £1,000 in auctions.  The Mystery Box includes a selection of products up to the RRP of £1,000. The products vary from home-ware appliances to pet accessories to gadgets like headphones, tablets and smartphones. If you win a Mystery Box, do not expect a box full of gadgets, all boxes have a good mixture of products so it might not be an ideal auction to bid on if you want an iPhone.  The Mystery Boxes close in auctions around £100 mark, and they tend to have at least 1 or 2 high end tech products, which is ideal if you are looking for a present for someone.


The list below shows what you can expect to see in your Mystery Box, please note products are randomly chosen by our warehouse team.

mystery box products


Treasure Box


To clarify, you will not get a physical box with MadBid credits if you win this box. The Treasure Boxes are great credit boosts if you have your eye on a bigger auction like an Apple Bundle or the Car Auction.  When you win a Treasure Box, you can have between 1,000 to 10,000 free credits added to your account! This should be enough to help you figure out the perfect bidding strategy before touching your paid credits. These boxes are very popular in the auctions and quite a good bargain, they close anywhere between £6 – £40. Please note, the credit boost is free which means you will not be able to use these credits in the Earned Discount store.


Well there you have it, 2 boxes but both very different. If you want to let us know what is inside your Mystery Box, you can tweet @madbid and don’t forget to include #MadMystery.


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