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MadBid Review From Customers

posted by Evelina

In this MadBid Review we will be looking at the different types of social media portals customers can get in touch.

In our article about MadBid being social, we did not cover the feedback received from customers. So here is a rundown of what MadBid customers have been talking about in the past month on social media. You might think this article is a bit dangerous as it will show the company from our customers’ perspective but, we want to be as transparent as possible so that you can have the right information when deciding if MadBid is the right shopping website for you.


MadBid is not like other auction websites that try to hound auction winners to post photos and hide any negative feedback so deep down that is takes 5 hours to get any real idea of what the company is like. We are a growing business, which means that our customer service department works constantly to ensure your enquiries are looked into swiftly which can be quite challenging with an increasing customer base. We also believe in human customer service, so when you give us a call and get through (apologies in advance for the silly music on the phone line and the confusing count-down timer, we are on it) you will get through to a representative that knows MadBid inside out and works with the whole team in the company (not in a call centre). You might also hear a few American accents, which is from our customer service representatives looking after customers in Canada, but the whole team works together and they are fully equipped to deal with your enquiries as quickly as possible.


In those rare weeks when everything piles together (5 buses in a row saying crops into mind), we as a company are thankful to have an active social media presence so that there are a variety of ways for customers to still get in touch. The last couple of weeks have been unusually busy for the customer service department and we can really see that in your reviews on our social media pages:


Paul was one customer that we have to apologise and commemorate for using every single social media place MadBid is active on to get his enquiry answered. Stacking up 9 tweets and 5 Facebook messages as well as additional private messages, we hope our replies across all your social media messages have given you enough information to answer your enquiry.


Also this month, MadBid tweeters seemed  a little frustrated with the mass of customer service emails and phones lines that were pushed to the full capacity, enquiries were dealt between 1-2 working days, when on a usual day emails are answered within 6 hours. Also there seemed to be a bit of confusion about what happens to the credits spent in auctions.  A few tweeters still seemed to have missed the Earned Discount feature that adds the full value of the credits spent in the auctions to your Discount section, so you can still purchase a variety of products on the website.


Over on the MadBid Facebook page, things were getting quite technical with customers sending messages about certain user’s auction winnings and why people in Africa and USA are not allowed to participate in auctions. Also, we figured out a few technical glitches like the fact that our ‘unsubscribe email’ does not seem to work, thanks Carol, we are looking into it. Some great news came through however from winners in Italy that shared their winning gadgets on the MadBid Facebook page which was great to see.


Over on the MadBid Google Plus Page, the conversation was easy going. We spent a whole day milling around to find out more about our madbidders, what gets you up in the morning, what your budget would be if you were to buy a brand new car and of course we couldn’t resist throwing in a few cute pet photos.  We also had free credits give-away for auction winners who wanted to share their auction winnings on G+. Over on our MadBid G+ Community page, we got technical with the iMac auction and tried to guess at what price it would close but it’s still running live, so gave up on the guessing.


We are planning to also do our first MadBid G+ Hangout session with video! Are there any questions you would like answered or would you like to get involved? Maybe this is how the future of customer service should be, creating hangouts to answer certain customer service questions, good , bad idea? Let us know.


And last but not least on our Pintrest we were pinning away our promotional banners that rotate on the MadBid homepage. Do you enjoy seeing them there every time you log in? If you don’t like the banners what would you like to see there instead?


As always, we are continuously trying to innovate our business model and improve the customer experience on our website. If you would like to share your customer experience or thoughts of ways to make it better, we are all ears.


In the meantime do get in touch on any of our available social media channels for a chat or if you wish to exchange a few bidding tips.


We were also thinking of opening up an Instagram account just so that our madbidders can have a bit more of an insight of what goes on here in the HQ, do you think it’s a good or bad idea? Let us know in the comments section below.

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