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Pay-to-bid – the inside scoop on prices

posted by Evelina

As the pay-to-bid style of auction is becoming more popular customers are becoming increasingly curious to how all the websites tick. There are several sites out there that offer this service and some are genuine while others are not. Luckily is one of those genuine sites and has nearly 1.5 million registered users and with over 10,000 auctions a month for users to bid on.

Often customers  say pay-to-bid auctions end on a low price and if you add the cost of bids the customer spent then it makes the product much more expensive, but here at we are very up front with the final price the auction ends on plus how much is spent on bids, if you ever see us advertising on the TV or in print our prices always include the cost of bids plus the final auction cost.

If you see an advert like the one to the right, in the paper, you will see that an Apple iPad 2 32GB sold for £23.30 – so this is what the customer paid in total – the final auction price plus all the bids they paid. Still sound like a bargain? We think so!

More items and their selling prices (including final auction price & cost of all bids that person used)

iPad priceXbox 360 with Kinect
RRP £249.99
SOLD FOR:  £69.19

PS3 slim 250GB
RRP £284.99

SOLD FOR:  £23.10

Louis Vuitton Emilie Wallet
RRP £240
SOLD FOR: £21.28

Fiat 500
RRP £9465.00
SOLD FOR: £211.51

RRP is the Recommended Retail Price that the company that makes a product recommend it is sold for.

Even with the bid amounts added the prices are still great and all the prices we quote in these articles are substantiated with a paper trail as we are required to do by the Office of Fair Trading, here in the UK where we are based, to make sure they are completely accurate.

Want a chance of getting the best bargain?  Listen to the other bidders; they give their hints and tips on our site: – these customers will help you grab the best bargain you can.

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