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Ebay UK Fees vs MadBid Costs

posted by Evelina

The companies are very different in the services they offer and the auction layout. While it’s free to register on both websites to see what the auctions look like, the differences will soon become clear between ebay UK fees and the costs on MadBid.

The main difference between the payment structure is that if you are buying a product like an ipad, you will most probably be able to get up to £50 discount for a new model on Ebay, whereas on MadBid, if you win the auction, you are looking at 70 – 80% discount on a brand new product. How much money you bid is entirely up to you, if you do not win the auction on Ebay, you probably won’t be able to buy the product, whereas on MadBid all the products are new, so if you spend £50 in the auction you can use it to purchase whatever you bid on or anything else from the site.

If you want to find out the differences before registering on MadBid, then look no further, the comparison between the 2 auction houses is listed below, should you have any further questions, feel free to use the comment box below.


Main differences between MadBid and Ebay:


  1. Products – MadBid only sells brand new products whereas on Ebay anyone can sell products in all types of conditions, used, broken, new. All the products on the MadBid website have manufacture guarantees, warranties and come in the original packaging and with all relevant product seals.
  2. Auctions – The auction set up on MadBid is very different than on Ebay. On MadBid all auctions start at £0 whereas on Ebay this can be anything from £0.99 to £1,000. On MadBid auctions also have quick timers that range between 1 minutes to as low as 5 seconds. On Ebay auction timers are set to sometimes 14 days. On MadBid you cannot decide how much you want to increase the auction price, every time you click Bid the auction price will only go up by 1p. This is very different on Ebay as sometimes bidders can place large sums of money making the auction winner pay more than the value of the product. Another big difference between MadBid and Ebay is that on MadBid every participant has to pay a little when they click Bid, this way we can ensure that auction closing prices always stay low.
  3. If you don’t win an auction – On MadBid you can still purchase the product you bid on or use the value of the spent credits in that auction to purchase another product on the website. On Ebay if you do not win an auction, you have to stay glued to the website in order to find another similar auction which could take months or if it’s a novelty item, you might never get a chance to own it.
  4. Winning an auction – If you have won a bargain product on Ebay, it’s not always a guaranteed sell as the auctioneer can refuse to send you the product. On MadBid, every product auctioned is guaranteed to sell and it’s fully up to the customer once they have won the auction on whether to keep the product or not. If a customer on MadBid changes their mind and does not want the auctioned item, they simply do not have to pay the closing auction price. However, once the closing auction price, shipping and handling has been paid, MadBid will ensure the product is shipped out between 3-5 working days.
  5. If you don’t want an auction Even we can admit Ebay has an impressive selection of products that you can simply purchase, but here at MadBid we tend to stick to what we love and know and that is technology. We love gadgets, from your typical Apples to your helicopter remote controls, if there is a gadget you want to see on MadBid, whether it may be a kitchen appliance or an accessory, let us know.
  6. Value for Money – This is where both of the auction houses are similar. You need to have a strategy that works in the auctions in order to win. When you win, it’s amazing because on MadBid you can get your favourite brands at up to 80% off and on Ebay you can enjoy a once in a lifetime opportunity. So work on the strategy and be patient. Because MadBid sells higher ticket items prices to simply purchase products will start from £50 and upwards whereas on Ebay you can buy a safety pin for £0.50.


So there you have it, hopefully this has clarified the main differences between Ebay and MadBid and now you should be able to try both in confidence knowing the things to watch out for and how they work.


If you still would like more information, we have listed the 2 tutorial videos from both of the websites below so you can clearly see the difference. Let us know if you know of any more differences between the 2 companies in the comments section below. tutorial video:



Ebay tutorial video:



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