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MadBid’s money saving shopping tips

posted by Evelina

As the world recovers form a global recession many shoppers are looking for a bargain. Here are 6 saving shopping tips from MadBid to help you save some money on everything from soup to shoes while still getting high quality products!

  1. Make a list before you go to the store and stick to it. Avoid impulse shopping as you make your way to check out. If you find something you can’t live without that wasn’t on your list, carry it around in the store for a while, and if after you have done all your other shopping you still want it, then you can decide if you should amend your shopping list.
  2. Use coupons and discounts whenever possible. Many stores have weekly newsletters and adverts where they promote sale items or offer reduced prices. Take advantage of customer rewards programs where you can earn points or get free stuff from your favourite stores.
  3. Look for factory outlets, clearance aisles, and discount racks. Also, don’t be afraid to explore the world of second hand stores or visit outdoor flea markets and car boot sales to get some gently used treasures.  Inspect your items from those areas before you purchase them to look for signs of damage. Always maintain a level of quality in your purchases and do not sacrifice that standard for price.
  4. When shopping for food buy ingredients to make your own meals instead of pre-packaged meals, or going out for dinner every night. Buy store brands instead of name brands which are usually a little lower on the shelf. Take advantage of bulk discounts, but only if you think you will use the products before they expire.
  5. Shopping online can be an easy way to comparison shop by browsing lots of different vendors.  While you find great deals online beware of some hidden costs when you shop. Shipping and handling charges can often sneak up on you, and don’t forget the value of your own time as you spend hours surfing the web researching the best values.  But with petrol prices higher than ever, you may consider the savings of ordering supplies online to be delivered to your door instead of driving to the markets.
  6. Online Auctions are a great way of saving money and getting a discount price. You have eBay, well known by most people, and you can certainly get some bargains or buy cheaper second-hand items. There are also sites like where items sell for 87% less than the retail price – where all items are brand new and from reputable sources. offers a fun way to bid for a bargain and at the same time allowing customers to walk away with top products for incredibly low prices.

We hope you have found these tips useful, but our savvy shoppers at always know where to go to get the best deals on brand new electronics and appliances. Our auctions sell brand new, name brand, in demand products at one-tenth of the price. Bring some fun and adventure back into your shopping quest at



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