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Manheim auctions – Can you really get a good car deal?

posted by Evelina

Buying a new car is always a headache, especially when you are looking for a good deal. MadBid sells on average 1-2 cars a year but understandably that is not enough for the number of car bargain hunters out there. From Manheim auctions to we are going to see what online has to offer for those on a look out for a new set of wheels.


Can I buy a car through an online auction?


There are a number of different online auctions that sell used and new cars, but some are a bit tricky to understand. The obvious option would be Ebay, however it seems that most of the bargains lie in car parts or cars that are not working and listed as for spares or repairs. Everyone knows that you will need at least 3-4 days to filter through the search results, so if you are buying a used car make sure to set all filters on the left hand side and ask Ebay to notify you when a search results fully matches what you are looking for. This will save time and ensure you are staying on track to finding your bargain wheels.


Another auction available is Manheim auctions, while still very much a traditional business with centres scattered around the country, we were disappointed with the online auctions offering. Putting aside that it takes 15-20 minutes to find the online car auctions by navigating around the website, landing on a registration page that has no car auctions on offer was anti-climactic. With this in mind we thought that maybe buying a car is still a very traditional process of dealerships with bricks and mortar and great speaking sales people trying to convince you of the great car deals on offer.  Manheim auctions claim to host 50 auctions a week around the UK (you can find the calendar here) which leaves much to be desired for the online auction platform let alone finding a good deal.  Let’s have a look at other online options where you can get a decent price for a used or new car.


We absolutely love the platform, we are unsure of how many people actually sell their cars on there because the prices quoted for a few normal cars we listed are barely enough to cover the hiring of a tow away truck. But if they had an option for people to buy cars from their site, we imaging there would be quite significant discounts to enjoy.


What is the safest place to buy a car online?


The consensus for this is definitely Auto Trader. Not only do they have a wide selection of used and new cars as well as a decent range of vehicles, they are also online compatible.  You don’t need to go through 10 website pages to see what’s on offer; you also do not need to register to browse. Auto Trader has been around for centuries so you can rest assured there will be a team in place to help you through the process of finding the right car for you.


Where are the biggest car deals online?


So this might sound a bit out there, but we found that government run auctions actually offer quite amazing deals for used cars (they sometimes also have news cars if they have been repossessed). Even though they do not really have online auctions, you can preview the cars online and call in to get all the details. All the locations are clearly listed along with dates when the auctions will be held, so you can plan your time.  If you are not really looking for a used car then you might as well check out penny auctions that have been around for a while to see if they have brand new cars up for auctions.  Make sure to check that you can get your credits refunded if you participate in a penny auction. MadBid has sold over 18 cars since 2009 all brand new and averaging in 79% discount, but the only problem is the vehicle variety. When MadBid has a car auction there are 3 car options to choose from for the winner, which is not ideal if you have a certain car in mind.


Have you bought a car online? Did you get a good deal? Where do you feel most comfortable buying a car? Let us know in the comment box below. Also have you tried to sell a car online? Did you get a good price for it or were you left unimpressed?





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