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Top 3 Headphones for TV on MadBid

posted by Evelina

We’ve had requests from customers to review the headphones that are being auctioned on MadBid. For some people headphones can be like a best friend, you feel empty and naked without them when you leave the house, and need their perfect audio balance when trying to relax in front of the TV. In order for your moment of relaxation not to be disturbed we are reviewing the top 3 headphones for TV on MadBid.


These 3 headphones are very different, in price, brand and quality, but they all do the job of suppressing background noise. When looking for headphones to buy, don’t be afraid to try them out, you need to make sure the fit is right, kind of like with shoes and especially if you are going to be sitting with them on for 3 hours, you need comfort.


Let us know if you have won or bought any of these headphones in MadBid auctions:


  1. New York Yankees Headphones – Black & White (£24.99 Buy Now). These are very stylish for the price, they come in a sleek packaging and have easy size adjustability with plenty of wire to stretch from the TV to the Sofa. In MadBid auctions they tend to close for around £5 which is quite a bargain if you are unsure about the quality. One thing that might be a bit annoying is the weight of the headphones, they tend to be a little heavy so if you are walking or jogging this might be uncomfortable, but these headphones are great for watching TV.
  2. Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Headphones (£259.99 Buy Now). These have become classic, trendsetters for all headphones out there, but does it live up to the quality. Definitely. From the light sleek design to the tranquil quality of the audio, you can really immerse into the movie you are watching without having to put up with any background noise. At the price, it’s not surprising that these headphones are quality but we think of it as an investment. These are multi-purpose, you can go jogging, watch TV, travel to work and whatever else you use headphones for.  On MadBid they also vary in price, sometimes the auctions tend to close for around £30 and sometimes auctions can go up to £50. We suggest watching a few auctions before participating just to see the demand for the auction.
  3. Denon Urban Raver Headphones (£99.99 Buy Now). This brand is not very well known but sometimes the brands that focus less on marketing and more on the quality of the product will come out on top. These are great if you want something a bit more substantial for your Apple gadgets. The headphones also come with a few extra features that make these our favourite paid of headphones for watching TV.  The 360-degree articulation for a custom fit will put any doubts about comfort to rest, also the nifty wheel controller will allow you to be always in control of the audio so no jumping for the remote control.  The amazing thing is, in MadBId auctions, these headphones are also going very low, with the average price being under £1. This is because people just do not know the brand and cannot judge the quality of the audio, we say give it a go!

So there you have it, if you are planning a quiet night in front of the TV, don’t forget your best friend, the good old headphones that will drown out all the stresses of the day. Let us know what you think about any of these headphones, do you own a pair perhaps?

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