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How Madbid Works

MadBid is a revolutionary bidding website that offers high-quality products at a fraction of the price. What you need to do if you want to become a MadBidder is to sign up on, buy credits and use them to place a bid. After you place a bid, wait for the timer to reach zero. If someone else bids, the timer is restarted, but if nobody bids you won the item – As simple as that. Earned Discount feature makes MadBid one of the most unique online shopping systems.


Why is MadBid Better than Other Bargain Shopping Websites?


The benefits of signing up with MadBid are numerous. You can get up to 80 percent average savings on brand new products, buy premium brands like Apple, BMW and Samsung, participate in thrilling auctions that close almost every minute and enjoy flexible shopping with features such as AutoBid and Buy Now that will make sure every visit is a fun shopping experience. And, most importantly, 75 percent of the products offered on Buy Now are cheaper than Amazon. There is also the price comparison feature so you can check the prices for yourself.


Bargains on


There is virtually no item on Earth that cannot be bought on MadBid. Everything you could possibly want is at your fingertips and just a few clicks away. All the products sold on the website are brand new and sealed, so you do not have to worry about the quality of the item you are bidding for. Even cars are sold on MadBid! You can bid on warehouse products, warehouse closeouts, overstock surpluses, wholesale stock, manufacturer stock and more.


Brands you can get on MadBid are countless and range from Apple, Samsung, Fiat, LG, Kindle, Canon, Dyson, Sony etc. MadBid has seen a large number of memorable auctions resulting in, for instance, a Mini sold for GBP 6 back in 2008. Mini Coopers are among the most popular bidding items, but regardless of the car type, the average saving is 79 percent on all MadBid car auctions. Another good example of a bargain is when a GBP 30,000 BMW Z4 sold for only GBP 4,730! That is how low the prices can drop.


Apple products are also among popular items on MadBid. Recently a Macbook Air 13” sold for only GBP 10.13 while an iPad with retina display was bought for just GBP 38.81. Here you can get all Apple products (iMacs, Macbooks, iPads, iPods, etc) at a fraction of the retail price. Then there is a Samsung Mobile Phone Range with the latest models being sold to numerous satisfied customers at unbelievable prices.


There really is no need to go to a regular shop and buy products at retail prices when you can stumble upon numerous bargains on MadBid and enjoy the excitement of bidding and winning with a bit of luck.


New Hot MadBid Bargains Available – week 12

posted by sibel

Welcome to the fortnight MadBid review where we want to introduce you the new products which have arrived lately to our website and new gadgets we are planning to get as per our user’s feedback. Plan you and snipe best bargains ahead.


This week we have quite some different items which reflect our intention to diversify and enlarge our product range. The new Hitachi Cordless Drill Kit has a really professional outlook as it all comes in a practical aluminum case, allowing you to travel with the best drilling and screwdriving tools to fix anything at home and offering a great power. Now that spring is arriving, get ready for all the stuff you will have to do in the garden and work cordless without being afraid of losing power compared to traditional DIY tools.


Also for men we include in our catalogue this week the Braun CoolTech Premium Shaver, the best shaver to be used in the shower with the latest tech innovation from Braun, the Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology (TEC), which will make your shaving much more pleasant.


With regards to entertainment and fun, you will be able to find in since now the ground-breaking Monster DNA headphones. Monster has created a new line of headphones using the best materials like the carbon fiber to ensure a smooth contemporary design and an outstanding audio clarity, so you can enjoy a stunning music experience, playing your songs in most smartphones as per its full compatibility with iOS and Android devices. Last but not least, we present you the George Foreman grill, a must for every BBQ party with your friends or family. This fantastic grill will allow you to cook reduced fat food in large quantities, so people won’t have to queue as in traditional grills waiting for food.


But we won’t stop here, at this point, so we have already planned the brand-new products we want our customers to enjoy from next week. As per our intention of offering the latest audio technology, we will receive next week the Creative MUVO speakers, the portable and water-resistant wireless speaker from Creative which will make unforgettable your wildest pool parties this summer. It has been designed to be small and compact, which means you’ll be able to enjoy non-stop music anywhere.


Moreover we got a Casio watch from the G-Shock line featuring the Bluetooth technology which will provide full connectivity with multiple devices and offer you the chance of enjoying your music when you pair it with your smartphone through the G’MIX App. Discover the new generation of Bluetooth watches in MadBid from next week. For cooking fans, we have the exclusive Redmond Series Multi-Pro Multi-Cooker. With 5 litres capacity and 860 Watt power you will be able to delight your family and guests with some fancy dishes thanks to the 34 programs and 100 recipe book which come with this Redmond food processor. Finally, the last update for new coming products we can give you will make especially happy all our customers who are into retro gadgets, as a nostalgic 1950s style AM/FM radio from GPO will be available soon.


Have a good week and read us in our next review, Madbidders!!


Bidding on iPads, which one is best for you?

posted by sibel

Apple kept its strategy and kept old prices of new iPad whilst discounting old models. The cheapest Air 2 costs £399 and has 16GB of storage (no GPS, Wi-Fi only).


The mini 3 costs £318.99 for 16GB and just Wi-Fi and this is the only version available right now on MadBid auctions where you can grab it for even as little as £54. The Air 2 is also available with same storage and connectivity and can be snapped in auction for just £4.44. Bargains like that cannot be found anywhere else.


Obviously the iPad mini 3 is the cheaper option at Buy Now level, but it’s not the best value for money. And remember smaller screen means less comfort in prolonged usage, however better portability.


Let me dwell into technical details.


Hardware Comparison

The major difference between these toys for big boys is processor. Here lies the reason why I think iPad Air 2 is better option. A8X processor offers amazing performance. Simply, it is so quick; it outperforms the iPad mini 3’s A7 CPU by a far.


In Geekbench 3.0 performance test, we found the iPad mini 3 scored 1376 in the single-core test and 2483 in the multi-core test. Which turns out bleak in comparison to iPad Air 2 judging by benchmark tests, scoring 1818 in the single-core test and a whopping 4520 in the multi-core test. That’s about 37% better.


But do you really need Air 2’s huge performance? At this point you have to answer honestly what you need the tablet device for. If you need a portable device complementary to your 13” MacBook then choose Mini. But if you want to unburden yourself from your laptop everywhere than iPad air is better, and this is why.


The Air 2 displays all pictures and videos on pretty nifty 9.7in screen whilst mini 3 has a smaller 7.9in display. Both have the same resolution, which is unchanged from their predecessors at 2048×1536. Both can only be described as outstanding screens. The novelty on the iPad Air 2 is a laminated display which gives a very solid impression. This improves displayed picture quality. If you plan to use it outdoors, the anti-glare coating is welcome improvement.


The Air 2 also has 802.11ac Wi-Fi which should provide faster file transfers when connected to a compatible router or hotspot. The iPad mini sticks with the 802.11n dual-band setup of its predecessor. Note that older hotel Wi-Fi installation, airports etc. don’t support this interface in vast majority. Same may apply to your home or workplace.


Finally, the Air 2 has barometer for detecting changes in air pressure. This isn’t for weather warnings, though: it’s for detecting altitude so compatible apps can tell you how many flights of stairs you climbed, while carrying your iPad. (Bear in mind that iPads don’t have the new Health app found on iPhones with iOS 8.). But do you really need it.

You should now know which one fits your needs more. All you now have to do is start bidding.

Enjoy & Good Luck


MadBid celebrates its 19th car winner

posted by sibel

Congratulations to Madbid’s 19th car winner!


Our most recent winner is Corinna from Germany. We met her to hand over her brand new Nissan Qashqai which she won for 4,625€. The car valued at 22,500€ then.

We want to share her experience and excitement. She was absolutely ecstatic and surprised that she had won the auction when it closed at 4,625€.


She has been a Madbidder for a while now and shares tips for Madbidders like:

“Take your time, observe others well, be patient, make your own decisions, it can take time, you can lose some auctions but finally you get there”

“Madbid is fun”





Donation to Charity – MadBid Supports The Children’s Trust

posted by sibel

Madbid supports the Children’s Trust. 

MadBid met TV news presenter Nicholas Owen and Actress Amanda Burton at The Children’s Trust, the UK’s leading charity for children with brain injury, on the 18th October 2014 to hand over a cheque for the money that was raised in last year’s MadBid Bids4Kids campaign.

MadBid’s campaign raised a fantastic £7,370.26 and we hope to continue raising money with their new monthly auctions.

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