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    Gaming comes to life with PSVita!

    posted by Evelina

    Sony is bringing gaming to life in their new portable gaming device the PSVita. PSVita is set to launch at the end of 2011 for £249 WiFi and £299 3G. are delighted to see several new built in features include front and rear camera, a microphone, front multi-touch screen and a rear multi-touch pad, motion sensors, a high definition 5 inch OLED display, and GPS location software.

    The new features of the PSVita will bring handheld gaming to a new level with Augmented Reality (AR) Technology.  Players will be able to interact like never before with new applications like “Near”, “Party”, and “Welcome Park”.

    “Near” takes the PSVita ups social connectivity by allowing users to see what games others are playing nearby and gift virtual game related items through location-based gaming. By checking in at geographic locations players can share virtual content like character costumes, weapons, and treasures.

    “Party” is an application available on the PSVita that allows users to text chat or voice chat not only while gaming online, but also while connected to the internet at any time. The PSVita will come in two models one with WiFi connectivity and a more expensive 3G model, which will be connected to the internet 24/7.

    “Welcome Park” is a PSVita app designed to help players learn the new 3-dimension-like finger motions available on the device such as touch, grab, trace, push, and pull. With a touch screen on the front, a sensor pad on the back, dual analog sticks, and built in motion sensor, gyroscope, and accelerometer capabilities, the new PSVita brings hand held gaming to a new level of reality.

    One of the most exciting features of the PSVita is its full backwards compatibility with all PlayStation Portable games. Check out the official video trailer from the E3 conference above to see some of the games that will be enhanced on the new device.

    We at are excited about the launch of the PSVita and you can bet we will be one of the first to offer the product on our site when it comes out just in time for Xmas. Can’t wait till Christmas to get your gaming on? Check out some MAD deals on our site for gaming consoles like the Sony PS3 320GB that went for £5.82 or the Nintendo 3DS Console for just £1.17!


    Sony PSP 2 due in 2010

    posted by Evelina

    psp2It has been rumored that Sony could launch the PSP 2 this june at E3.

    The popular portable gaming device is long over due for an upgrade and it looks as if it could be available for fans in the UK just in time for Christmas.

    As shown in the picture (right) the PSP v2 is much bigger and guaranteed to offer a much better gaming experience. The sleek design and large screen are key changes for this new PSP.

    Sony is set to pitch the PSP v2 against the Nintendo 3DS which will be announced at E3 as well.  Apple is also rumoured to be launching the next generation iPhone 4G or iPhone HD by the end of next month.

    So for all you tech geeks out there… June could well be the month for you.


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