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MadBid Review: Samsung S4 or S5?

posted by Evelina

Here at MadBid, we love gadgets. When someone gets a phone upgrade there is a rustle of debates going on in the office about the features, usability, price and look and feel of the handset. The buying department spend their lunches glued to Stuff magazine reviewing the latest gadgets to be released throughout the year .


The CEO of MadBid has made the point that smartphones no longer have to be ridiculously expensive, he is happy with his Lenovo that retails for around £100 and has made the point that it functions just as well as a Samsung.


With competition increasing in the smartphone market, we will see what the giants are coming up with to stay on top of their game. The premature announcement that the Samsung S5 will be hitting the stores in April, this will be a MadBid review of the rumours and the facts which will ultimately help you decide on whether you wish to upgrade to the S5 or shop around.


Let’s start with the facts:


Samsung S4 does what it says on the tin ‘companion for life’ and this is really in the little things like when talking on the phone the screen goes dark and when bringing it in front it lights up to show you who you are talking to or a keypad, automatically. It also automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen and controls the volume, to ensure optimal comfort and ease of usability. If we dig deeper, we will see that the 4G really pays off, Play Store, Radio and multiple tabs open  everything loads quick and fully (don’t you just hate when facebook loads with no images, pointless).  Now, if we were Samsung and we were doing an upgrade of our model, we would look at the negatives and try to upgrade. This is what the team here at MadBid would expect to see from the new Samsung:

  • Better battery life, if you play a game like Angry Birds for 40 mins (which is quite average since it’s the time it takes for most people to get to work) the battery seriously suffers and the handset, although plastic, it gets pretty hot.
  • Minimising tabs – If you are watching a Youtube video and you get a whatsapp, if you open another window that’s it, video stops. A smartphone is supposed to be able to handle multiple features at once, in this area it fails.
  • Screen Flipping – Either take this feature of or really work on it. When you flip your screen to the side, the keyboard takes up over half of the screen making it impossible to see where you are typing or what your text looks like.
  • Contacts – If this was a real life companion it would ensure you have twitter, facebook, linkedin, instagram and other social channels your contacts are active in. Now it’s only whatsapp and sim save of mobile numbers.


What to expect from the upgraded Samsung S5 and are the upgrades really necessary?

  • Better Camera – Samsung S4 has a very impressive camera so not sure if being able to capture every spot, sweat drip and dust ball is such a great thing.
  • Brighter screen – this has was not a problem in the previous model so a bit of a pointless upgrade.
  • Personal Fitness Tracking – There are about 50 apps at least to track fitness  and with the improved web browsing not sure this is a great upgrade either.
  • Metal Design – Has a bit of metal wrapped around the outskirts to give a richer feel, yes that’s interesting but not exactly worth an upgrade.
  • Waterproof – Now this is more like it, in London where the skies love to bless us with rain, this feature is always welcome in a smartphone
  • Apple Copy-cat? – The new model will also have a finger print scanner for all of you who are thinking of ditching the Apple heard, this will make the transition a little smoother.
  • Price? – It was rumoured that it would be cheaper but taking into consideration of all the new feature additions like the finger print scanner, we recon the price range will be the same as previous models.

MadBid Review Verdict:

Well, it hasn’t tackled any of the problems faced with the previous model but it is optimising the handset to reflect more of a Note than a smartphone. The only real concern that come to mind is the lack of improvement on the battery life, with all the additional features surely this will eat away the battery life even more.


Let us know if you will be upgrading in April or will you be sticking with your previous model. Also, if you think other features should have been upgraded from the previous S4 model, ping us in the comment box below or join in the debate on Google Plus +MadBidauctions.





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