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Samsung S5 vs S4 – We finally have a verdict!

posted by Evelina

The Galaxy S5 has continued the trend of very successful Samsung devices, but compare Samsung S5 vs S4, the phone feels a little in the dark, especially considering the amount of competition flung into the market this year, from HTC, Sony, LG and others.


Reports of the LG G3 beating the Galaxy S5 3/1 in sales in South Korea, alongside growth for HTC and others, shows interest in the Galaxy S5 is at an all-time low. Here is why we should be paying more attention to the Galaxy S5.




The design of the Galaxy S5 has been brought up time and time again, some love it, some hate it. The device is essentially the same as the Galaxy S4 and S3 before it on the front, with the home-button, two capacitive keys and faux-metal sides.


On the back, the difference is extremely noticeable, from the normal plastic finish, Samsung has went radically different with a faux-leather soft touch back. The soft touch back has dimples and comes in a range of different colors, including black, white, blue and copper.


Samsung has also added a new feature onto the design of the home-button, allowing users to sign in through a fingerprint sensor. This is the second phone in the world to offer the function built into the home-button, and once the user gets the hang of the touch, it works quite well.


Water Resistance


One thing the previous Galaxy device did not accommodate for is water resistance, something the Sony Xperia Z offered and continues to offer on new iterative models. The Galaxy S5 was the first to be introduced with water resistance, with IP67 certification.


This means the smartphone is dustproof and water resistant. We say water resistant because it is still not fully waterproof, meaning you cannot give it a dunk in the bath or jump into the pool with the phone, but it will survive a few splashes, without any harm.




One of the biggest leaps from the previous Galaxy S4 has to be the camera. Samsung has worked hard on implementing new features onto the Galaxy S5 camera, like new ISOCELL technology, improving dynamic range and stopping “pixel leaking” on photos.


The 16MP sensor also outperforms the 13MP on the Galaxy S4, when it comes to taking high-resolution photos. Samsung users can also record at 1080p at 60 frames per second and 4K at 30fps, something hardly any other smartphone is capable of achieving.


Heart-rate Sensor and S Health


This is an interesting new feature to the Galaxy S5 and makes the S Health app on the S5 much more useful. The S Health app previously offered some stats, but Samsung has cleaned the interface up and added new features to accommodate the heart-rate sensor.


Users can now check heart-rate, pulse and other fitness features, as well as getting data on runs, footstep per day and other aggregated information from the smartphone sensors. This is currently not available on Google’s own stock Android platform.




The price difference between the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 is around £100, the Galaxy S5 offered at many stores for £459, while the Galaxy S4 normally goes for £359. Prices are cheaper in some shops, but still the £100 price gap stays the same at most retailers.


For £100 extra, the Galaxy S5 is really worth the payment. It offers a better camera, impressive new back design with water resistance, a heart-rate sensor and fingerprint sensor and loads of little improvements to the hardware and software, making it a good upgrade for anyone wanting to try out a Galaxy device.

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