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£42 for a Brand New Car? Yes Please!

posted by Evelina

After selling the 1st car back in 2008 for under £7 you would think the prices should have increased by now. Not by much, our 18th car winner paid £42 for his brand new Skoda. The Dream Come True auction closed only 2 days after being put live. When doing the handover of the beautiful Skoda the winner was telling us that he had his autobids on and went out for dinner with his wife and friends. He said his wife could not believe it when he showed her the email, only after the paperwork came through did it really sink in that he won a brand new car for £42.  We couldn’t wait to put our questions to him about the winning moments.

How does it feel winning?

I only got my driving license not long ago so this is my first car. I was really excited when I saw the email from MadBid.

What will be your first road trip?

When I take the car today I will be taking my wife for lunch but a more serious road trip will be to go to Scotland and visit family.

What other products have you won on MadBid?

Games consoles, vouchers, a TV and a lot of other things.

What advice would you give to new bidders?

Really watch the auctions to develop your strategy. It is not that difficult to see when the traffic on the website is low.

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