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Audi A3 Winner Collects His Car

posted by Evelina

Today MadBid joined auction winner Hugh to hand over his new car, the superb Audi A3.

Bidders flocked to the auction to try and win the car but Hugh was victorious last Monday.

Hugh’s Interview

How do you feel?

Ecstatic. It’s really, really too good to be true, really. It’s really, really good.

Was there a tough battle?

Very tough battle yes, but we’re cool and calculated.

So how did you find out about MadBid?

We found out about MadBid from the times newspaper about 3 years ago, roughly. Saw how someone won a mini for £30 or something and thought she’s going to try that and her dream was to win an apple Mac at that time.

How did you decide to go for the car?

Well we’ve looked at various cars and to be honest we have bid on a lot of cars or quite a few of the cars and we’ve been a bit unlucky on some of them, but this time we decided this was going to be our car. We wanted an Audi A3 so our plan worked out well – we watched the main bidders on it, we’ve logged main bidders, we’ve watched people all the while and were cool and calculated and come in towards the end of the auction or to where believed the auction would finish.

So when you first saw MadBid did you think the prices were too good to be true?

Well yes, when you first see something like that you obviously think there is a catch with it and you think there must be some kind of trick with it. But, what we realise now there is no trick to it; it’s a totally genuine site.

What are your tips to the newcomers?

Start at the bottom and look, just look, at the big auctions and see who’s bidding on there and get used to the bidders. But try and win something easy to start off with and maybe work your way up.

What are you currently driving?

We drive at the moment, we’ve got a Landrover Freelander which is a 4-wheel-drive vehicle and we live on top of a mountain so the Landrover is a pretty essential car for this really.

What would be your dream road trip with the new car?

Wow that’s a difficult one, but I used to work in South Africa so I think maybe if I could, I couldn’t afford it at the moment, is take it over to Africa or hire the same car in Africa and drive from Durban down to Cape Town on the eastern coast, follow the garden route down by car. Fantastic.

Why would that road trip be special?

Because the scenery and countryside in South Africa is second-to-none, it’s beautiful. Well, maybe second to Wales, but still very good.

Audi A3 Winner

Juha Koski, Madbid MD (pictured below with Hugh) was there to oversee the handover

Handing over the keys to the Audi A3

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