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How to Win on MadBid: Auction Winners Explain

posted by Evelina

Are you looking at the closed auctions thinking ‘How to win on MadBid?’ We are not really in the best position to answer this, since no-one in the company is allowed to take part in auctions, but we know who could.  We asked auction winners to give us their tips on how to win on MadBid.


When speaking to auction winners, we found that different bidding strategies apply to different auctions.  A unanimous winning tip came from the majority of  the 18 car auction winners:

‘use the autobid wisely, turn it off when it’s busy so it doesn’t burn credits and turn it on when it’s quiet so you don’t miss the auction’

But what if you don’t want a car, what if you  want an iPhone or an iMac? Well, our first suggestion would be to check the recently closed auctions for that particular product. From the recently closed auction (you can check by clicking the title of the product) you will see the last 5 auctions of that particular product. For privacy reasons we have changed the names of auction winners.

Peter* (+100 auction wins)

‘I’ve been with MadBid for a long time. Bid when you know there are only 3-5 other users bidding. Watch the site for a week so you can distinguish who is on autobids and who is bidding manually’


Kyle ( +30 auction wins)

‘If you are a new user, it’s simple, go for the credit packages to make sure you have a huge stack of credits. Then have fun!’


Selina (6 auction wins)

‘I won 6 times: 1,500 madbid credits, gourmet society card, 275 madbid credits, 135 madbid credits, 1000 madbid credits and a Sony PS3 600GB Super Slim. I’ve been bidding for the Sony PS3 for my husband and when I won it, can’t believe I actually won it for only 16p!’


Sean (+100 auction wins)

‘The one thing I love about MadBid is that they stick to product types so every few months there is a different games console or home entertainment system in auction. Find the product you really want, set aside the full RRP just in case and then go for it, the worst deal you will get is having to pay the RRP’


All auction winners have different strategies for winning, make sure to develop yours and don’t rush bidding. As always, we want to help MadBid customers enjoy their experience,  make sure to use the Sneak-a-Peek feature to check who you are bidding against. And remember, if you are ever in need for more credits, there are a lot of ways to get an extra credit boost, check our article  on how to get extra credits on MadBid.

If you have won an auction and would like to let us know,  send a picture of yourself and the winning product to be in with a chance of winning 1,000 Free MadBid credits! Send your snaps to


As always, happy madbidding!


*For privacy reasons the names have been changed.
**subject to acceptance from MadBid team.


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