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MadBid Car Auction Winner: Joseba’s Interview

posted by Evelina

A year in and MadBid has just auctioned its 5th car, so here is the MadBid car auction winner interview. Joseba was having breakfast when he won the car, which goes to show that you really need to watch the time of the day you bid in MadBid auctions. Watch the full video of the day we handed over the keys to Joseba’s new Ford Focus.


MadBid: Congratulations Joseba for the great win!
Joseba: Thank you very much. It was a tough battle.


MadBid: What do you mean?

Joseba: Well, I had been observing the Fiesta auction for a long time, after which I decided to join. Ultimately, it was a tough battle between me and a few other MadBidders, however, this time I was the lucky one.


MadBid: What was your strategy in bidding to win this car?
Joseba: Initially, I was watching what was going in the auction; I decided when to join by observing other bidders behavior and finally started to bid aggressively. It paid off.


MadBid: What was your initial reaction when you found out that you had won?
Joseba: I was actually eating breakfast when I won the car. I was using autobid, so the text message from MadBid informed me that I had won the car! I could not believe it. It was great!


MadBid: What tips can you give to new MadBid users?
Joseba: Start by being observant and focus on auctions with lower value items. Once you get success there, move towards higher ticket ones. Be patient and keep the focus.


MadBid: Thank you very much for this interview.
Joseba: No problem. Thank you MadBid for the car!

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