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MadBid Fiat Winner and Elle Macpherson

posted by Evelina

Catherine is our latest MadBid Fiat Winner. She won the car for in the pay-to-bid auction for a fraction of its retail price. We catch-up with her to see how she bagged a bargain of a life time.


MadBid: How does it feel to be a winner of a brand new Fiat 500 Catherine?
Catherine: Still a bit unreal really, I didn’t believe it until I got the registration details through. It’s fantastic!


MadBid: Walk us through your moments of winning and moments of bidding!
Catherine: I noted that on the Thursday night the site was really quiet. I put some bids on Autobid and went to bed.  I was just dropping off to sleep and got the text message that said: “Congratulations, you have just won a car!” I couldn’t quite believe it. I woke the whole family and couldn’t sleep the whole night!


MadBid: Talk us through your winning strategy?
Catherine: I try to look for days when I think the site will be a bit quieter like Fathers Days, Mothers Days, or good weather days. Then I sit and obverse the bidding. If the site does not look too busy, it’s probably worth having a go.


MadBid: Which words describe MadBid the best?
Catherine: MAD has to be the first one, doesn’t? [laughter] Frustrating sometimes, exhilarating, wicked – it’s a good site!


MadBid: How do you think we can improve your MadBid experience?
Catherine: I think the way works is the best, I prefer how instant it is. Once the action starts – that’s it. On other sites the auctions start sometimes 10 hours before and just counts down for those 10 hours. I prefer how MadBid works – it’s more straightforward.


MadBid: Would you recommend MadBid to your friends?
Catherine: This is a tricky one, isn’t it? [laughter] I have already recommended it to some friends.


MadBid: Any handy tips for new MadBidders?
Catherine:Definitely to sit, watch and observe. Watch the site without bidding before placing any bids. Observe before you take the plunge.


MadBid: What products should “Rookie” MadBidders go for?
Catherine: Definitely the cheaper ones. It’s easier to win cheaper auction items. Once you have won those, it gives you confidence and gives you a reputation of a serious bidder.


MadBid: What where your first thoughts about MadBid?
Catherine: It was a news report on BBC one Saturday morning. I had not heard about Penny Auction or Penny Auctions before, so I went on the internet to see what they were talking about. Consequently, I found MadBid!


MadBid: Congratulations again Catherine on the big auction win!
Catherine: Thank you very much – also for the TomTom! Now at least I will find my way out of London!



The Fiat 500 is no stranger to attention. The Fiat 500C has attracted the interest of supermodel Elle Macpherson.


Elle was impressed by the car after she asked if she could borrow one from the car manufacturer.


he star explained that she fell in love with the car.


She said: “I love the Fiat 500C, it has that sexy, cool, Italian thing going on!

“I like the way the car drives – it is perfect for cities with its small turning circle and the easy way it manoeuvres through London.”


The manufacturer has high hopes for the new car, which could challenge for BMW Minis.


Elena Bernardelli, marketing director of Fiat Group Automobiles UK said she was delighted to hear that Elle enjoyed the car and looks forward “to seeing her driving a new 500C soon”.


Jeremy Clarkson recently praised the Fiat car in a review in the Times.


He praised the vehicle for its styling and cheap price, as well as its size advantages over the Mini.


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