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MadBid Ford Fiesta Winner: Selma’s Interview

posted by Evelina

Here at MadBid, we realised that Mini auctions might not be for everyone. So we tried something new, when it came to putting another car auction live, we decided to go for the most common car brand, and so a MadBid Ford Fiesta auction was born. It’s reliable, it’s the right size, not too feminine not too masculine and just the right touch of class. With the decision made that the next car auction would be a Ford Fiesta it was like the MadBid launch party all over again, excitement and office buzz.   When the auction reached over £20 we almost breathed a sigh of relief, knowing it was more popular than the first auctioned Mini. But our excitement was short lived as the auction closed for £70! We caught up with Selma to see how she felt when she found out she won the car.  

MadBid: Selma, you’ve won a brand new Ford Fiesta Style, how do you feel?

Selma: Oh my god, so happy! I’ve got my driving test in three days time, it’s a perfect prize! I can’t believe I’ve won the car just before my test, it’s unbelievable.


MadBid: Where did you hear about MadBid?

Selma: My cousin showed me the site and taught me how to use it, he’s a massive fan. I think it’s really easy to use and understand and now I’m a huge fan too.


MadBid: How long have you been using MadBid?

Selma: Only about a month or two but I’ve won so many things!


MadBid: What else have you won on MadBid?

Selma: So much – cameras, laptops, 500 cash, a brand new plasma TV. They were such low prices, the site’s absolutely great.

MadBid: Why do you like MadBid?

Selma: Well, apart from paying practically nothing for so many great items, I think the site gives you a real buzz. It’s really exciting trying to outbid other users, you get a really good feeling inside when you’re fighting to win something.

MadBid: What tips would you give other MadBid users?

Selma: Just that if you really want something, go for it. Don’t give up, no matter how high the bidding goes. I’ve paid less than half price for everything I’ve won and so people should just go for it. It’s great fun as well.

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