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MadBid Mini Sold: Winner Interview

posted by Evelina

MadBid is on a roll, with a third MadBid Mini auction sold! We could not wait to conduct the third MadBid winner interview. I guess we were not the only ones, because Barry and District local newspaper was also excited to interview the local teacher who was now the proud Mini owner. Mike won the £12,000 mini, paying just around £1,000 which is a huge saving from the RRP.

Interview with MadBid’s third Mini ONE winner, Mike M:


How did you hear about MadBid?
I can’t really remember, but I think it may have been an article or advert on another website.


What attracted you to MadBid?
I saw how many vouchers were on there and as it was just before Christmas it seemed perfect. I’ve got four daughters so they were ideal as presents.


Have you won other things on MadBid?
Gosh loads! Quite a few vouchers, I bought a great leather jacket with a Next voucher which I won for 1.50. Then recently I’ve also won a 40 inch Sony TV. But the Mini is definitely the biggest so far!


What tip would you give to someone new to the site?
Look on the recommended guidelines like I did. There are plenty of tips there for new bidders, such as using autobids to try and threaten fellow bidders. Also, be cautious with your bids, that’s very important.


What’s your winning strategy?
Well I think definitely start with something small and really think carefully about how MadBid actually works. Set a limit of what you think the prize is really worth, that’s certainly worth considering.


Did you find MadBid easy to understand?
Yes definitely, it was all very simple.


What other auctions would you like to see on MadBid?
Travel vouchers for holidays perhaps, especially for the whole family as there’s six of us!


What are you planning to do with your brand new Mini?
Oh I’m still not sure. My four daughters are fighting over it at the moment but we’ll see. Perhaps it could just be my own little run-around.

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